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The 5 Rules Of Product-Driven Data Science

Sticking to these 5 rules will ensure your data science project flourishes and delivers measurable value every time.

We Analysed the 527,350 Facebook Ads of the US Presidential Candidates. Here Are The Results.

Using the Facebook Ad Library API to reveal how each candidate is using social media to attract voters.

The Generative Deep Learning Book — The Parrot Has Landed.

My 459 day journey from blog to book and back again.

Write for Applied Data Science

We are opening up our blog to talented writers who want to share their projects and thoughts on data science, ML and AI — is this you?

The Full Stack Data Scientist Part 3: Interpretable Neural Networks using LIME

How to reduce bias in deep learning models using LIME

The Full Stack Data Scientist Part 2: A Practical Introduction to Docker

Learn how to use containerised applications for smooth collaboration and deployment

New Series: The Full Stack Data Scientist

What a data scientist should know to build end-to-end data science solutions

The Full Stack Data Scientist Part 1: Productionise Your Models with Django APIs

We all know that in data science, building and tuning models is only a small part of a much bigger story. What about after you’ve built…

Hallucinogenic Deep Reinforcement Learning using Python and Keras

Teaching a machine to master car racing and fireball avoidance through “World Models”

How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras

Teach a machine to learn Connect4 strategy through self-play and deep learning.


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