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Paul Andre de Vera

SEO Evangelist

#Blacklivesmatter #Sayhername #Defundthepolice

COO @hackernoon & Norah’s mom.

Latest Posts

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The Definitive Bubbleball Book and The Future of the NBA’s Revenue with Ben Golliver [Transcript]

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Bellarmine — Student Voices piece

Going from college to a career has always been hard, but in the past few years, college graduates’ wages have been rising steadily and in…

8 Simple Team Building Exercises for Marketing Managers

As a marketing manager your job is to make sure your company is seen in a positive light in all of its aspects. You need to develop teams…

Why PWAs Might Be the Future of the Mobile Web

Mobile use is growing all the time. In Q1 2019, 65% of all retail website visits were made through a smartphone, and 53.9% of all online…

Has the Gig Economy Jumped the Shark?

People’s living, working, and spending habits have dramatically shifted over the past decade. After the Great Recession in 2008, people…


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