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Prof Bill Buchanan OBE

Prof at Napier. Serial innovator. Crypto Punk. Believer in fairness, justice & freedom. EU Citizen. Auld Reekie native. Old World Breaker. New World Creator.

Latest Posts

Towards Trustworthy Systems: In the Near Future Every Piece of Code Will Be Signed By Its Creator

So who owns code? Who created it? How trustworthy is the code?

The Application That Made The Internet Is Now It’s Greatest Flaw

So what is nearly 50 years old and drove the adoption of the Internet? Well it’s good old email. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sat beside two…

Why I Do Cyber Security Research … The Sheer Joy of Cracking Puzzles!

I have a short journey into work on a bus, so I always try to have a “bus paper”, and which is a research paper which I can dip into. For…

Compressing Our Digital World

We live in a wasteful digital world. Our data stream were originally designed with little in the way of reducing latency or in optimizing…

In The Future, Banks Will Not Be Built With Bricks But On Cryptography

I have been a paper from 2000 and which outlines a seven layer model for Financial Cryptography [here]. It outlines a seven layer model…

Visual One of the Most Beautiful Things in Cybersecurity

We love things that are beautifully crafted and design. Unfortunately the world of cybersecurity is often tainted by cybercriminals, Tor…

The Keys To Your Castle, and Your Backdoor, Front door and Side door

The Greatest Risk to the security of your organisation?

Goodbye (Mostly) to Moodle: Hello Open, And Goodbye to Closed

The old saying goes … Knowledge is Power! But, as Nelson Mandela said, education is one of the most powerful things that we have to change…

What’s The One Thing That Most Agree Is Right In Computer Security, But Few Actually Do It?

And so your New Year Holiday is over, and you are faced with a question:

Towards True Security: Attribute-based Encryption

We are generally poor at security, and often we fail to encrypt data properly. This often involves using the operating system to provide…


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