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Thibault Duchemin

Breaking deaf & hearing communication barriers @AvaScribe. I like fueling the right impact with right technology & design. Let’s build great things together.


Ava empowers 450M deaf & hard-of-hearing people with accurate & instant captions, all in one click. Works 24/7, for any in-person or online conversations.

Latest Posts

5 Things HR Professionals Should Know Before Hiring Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Employees

You nailed the interview and got the job. The hard part is over! Or is it?

Accessible Beginnings: Deaf-run Ava’s Mission for Total Inclusion

Because no one wants to be left out of any conversation.

5 Things HR Professionals Should Know Before Interviewing Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Candidates

Ever feel nervous before a job interview? You’re not alone. Apparently, 93% of people feel anxiety related to job interview processes.

Deaf Awareness: The Many Ways to Be

Do deaf identity labels matter? Short answer: Yes, absolutely.

A Day in the Life: DEI Hiring Professionals

Crucial practices from top diversity, inclusion and equity HR professionals — and the impact on Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

Are Educators Doing Enough to Help Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students?

What Educators and Administrators can do beyond ADA compliance to support their students

CODA Breaks Ground for Authentic Deaf Representation

Just in time for Deaf Awareness Month, CODA made its splash on August 13 on Apple TV+ and select theatres, breaking ground as Marlee…

Tokyo Paralympics denies Becca Meyers’ Accessibility Accomodations

Similar to the other athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics this year, Rebecca “Becca” Meyers has spent her life dedicated to her sport…

Meet 3 Deaf & HOH Professionals Doing Big Things in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Equal access for Deaf and hard-of-hearing folks requires hard work, dedication and tenacity — and a desire to understand the needs of the…

2nd Annual Hearing Access & Inclusion Conference

FREE virtual event for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing folks by Project Hearing


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