Back and Forth

Every week, Kuan writes about life, travel, meditation, design and stories you inspire her to tell. She is building @ftwretreat, and has previously led design at CockroachDB, Etsy, Grand St, Washington Post, and Objective Subject.

Kuan Luo

Designer-turned-entrepreneur. @joinelpha, @ftwretreat, etc. Always traveling.

Latest Posts

Following the Headlights

Reflections on my sabbatical and some news on what’s next

The Clay Buddha

Behind layers of clay, there is gold inside all of us.

Diary of the Lady Boss

Lessons learned from the first For the Women Retreat

How much copy is too much?

How do you know if your website has too much or too little information

On taking the leap

Adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur changed how I work


A wedding speech that no one asked me to give

Freedom to Roam

7 tips for traveling in Norway

Make it up as I go along

How to find rituals on the road

The Reality of Funemployment in Paris

What comes after the first 5 chirpy weeks


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