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Latest Posts

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Are we in a bubble? Why has Uber’s story spun out of control? The answers hinge less on facts and more on the hidden physics of Narrative…

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The former viral “actual teen” updates his views on Facebook, Snapchat, and the rest.

The News Is Now Literally a Video Game

The GOP Arcade is producing tiny, raw, irreverent games based on the news.

The Future of Technology Is In Your Ear

A $13 experiment shows how bionic hearing devices will shape our interactions with people, bots, businesses, & ourselves

How the Tech Press Forces a Narrative on Companies it Covers

Pinning Startups to “Silicon Valley Time.”

What Will a Corporation Look Like in 2050?

A futurist imagines how companies will react to inequality, climate change and Artificial Intelligence

A Self-Driving Car Might Decide You Should Die

But that prospect isn’t as scary as it sounds

A Teenager’s View on Social Media

Written by an actual teen


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