Basic income

Articles discussing the concept of unconditional basic income (UBI)

Jax Blunt

home educator, blogger, sometime geek, I have children, books, phones and lots of words in my head.

Scott Santens

New Orleans writer focused on the potential for human civilization to gets its act together in the 21st century. Moderator of /r/BasicIncome on Reddit.

Latest Posts

‘Universal Basic Income Doesn’t Work’ Says New Prime Example of Fake News

Or How to Spot Disinformation in a World of Propaganda

A Canadian Guy on Basic Income – A Success Story

Originally published in Raise the Hammer on April 9, 2019

Think Like a Martian About Money and Universal Basic Income (UBI)

My Keynote Speech at Imagine Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics

Why Milton Friedman Supported a Guaranteed Income | 5 Reasons

This is Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize winning libertarian economist who adamantly opposed big government.

What is There to Learn From Finland’s Basic Income Experiment? Did It Succeed or Fail?

Evaluating the Preliminary Results of a Partial UBI and Slightly Less Bureaucracy

Top 10 Basic Income Articles of 2018

A look back at my favorite UBI reads of the year

The Case for Hierarchy

a better way to organize our government and society

Kanoodling with the Enemy

agreeing with Job Guarantee advocates

What People Get Most Wrong About Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the idea of basic income (UBI). This article is meant to correct what people get most…

A Rights-Based Basic Income

When the topic of basic income arises, people often ask me: “Why should we pay people to do nothing?” We generally think that hard word…


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