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Author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” and blogger at

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The One Fitness App That Hooked Me For Good

Fitbod solves the internal trigger of uncertainty with one tap, telling the user exactly what to do next.

The Truth About Kids and Technology: Jean Twenge (iGen) and Nir Eyal (Hooked) Discuss Tech’s…

Recently, I was invited to discuss how technology might impact children’s mental health at the Johnson Depression Center at the University…

Hooked on Loot Boxes: How Behavioral Design Gets Gamers

Nir Eyal’s Hooked Model explains how games keep players coming back.

Fundamental Attribution Error: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices

There I was, sitting in a packed movie theatre. I waited two years for this sequel and I’ve got enough popcorn and diet soda to last me a…

Here’s How Fortnite ‘Hooked’ Millions

Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Patricio O’Gorman, technology consultant and professor at Universidad de Palermo.

The Real Reason Apple and Google Want You to Use Your Phone Less

This week Apple follows Google by announcing features to help people cut back on their tech use. Why would the companies that make your…

Social Media has the “Exact Same Negative Effect on Depression” as Eating Potatoes

It feels impossible to tell if the technology our kids use should be celebrated or feared. A few years ago I wrote a book, Hooked, about…

Peak-End Rule: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices

It’s New Year’s Eve. There I am on the dance floor — it’s teeming with people and there’s hardly space to breathe. Loud thumping music…

How Apps Can Shape Your Future Self

Techniques to bridge our intention-action gap for the better

How Netflix’s Customer Obsession Created a Customer Obsession

Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Gibson Biddle, former VP at Netflix and CPO at Chegg. Gibson is speaking at the Habit Summit in San…


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