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Essays on tech, open culture, politics and beyond.

Ben Werdmuller

Writer: of code, fiction, and strategy. Trying to work for social good.

Latest Posts

New Media Must Stop Asking Permission to Be Heard

A few wealthy people have a stranglehold over media and culture. It’s time to unseat them.

The Unbearable Monopolization of Being

Every aspect of our lives has slowly being taken over by corporations. Can we fight back?

Personality Tests and the Downfall of Democracy

In 2001, I found a way to make personality tests go viral. In 2016, they were used to swing an election.

On the internet, 2018 is the year the pendulum swings back

In the face of unprecedented threats to democracy, advertising and surveillance will cease to be viable business models.

Here’s why net neutrality is a freedom of speech issue

Even if you don’t care about supporting innovation, this is why you should support net neutrality.

Tear down the new institutions

They’re just like the old ones.

The return of the weblog

How the thinkpiece model for blogging might not always be the right one

Searching for a technical cofounder

When engineers aren’t searching for you

Keeping users safe in the age of Trump

Engineers and founders need to adapt to the world in 2017.


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