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Coach Tony

Evangelist for great coaches and excellent personal development advice. CEO/Founder of Publisher of Better Humans & Better Programming.

Zack Shapiro

Editor of Better Programming ( Working on something new. Prev: Director of Engineering at BUMP (YC W18), iOS at Nano.

Kelly Glass

Writer whose interests focus on the intersections of parenting, mental health, race, and diversity. Find me at and on Twitter @kellygwriter.

Amanda Loudin

Fitness writer, runner, running coach, blogger, @oiselle_team runner, FitFluential ambassador, and mom. Not necessarily in that order.

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It’s not just for printing objects

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Our demo will create a searchable news app, with options to search by date and section

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Get, search, and display your news data easily

How to Convert Latitude & Longitude to Distance, UTM, and GeoJSON

The world has come a long way in mapping. Here are three simple ways to take that first step with your latitude and longitude data.

How does CSS work behind the scenes?

A look at how HTML and CSS are processed in the browser

Practical Image PorterDuff Mode Usage in Android

Blending two images to produce the desired image output using PorterDuff

5 Awesome New iOS Libraries To Use On Your Projects

Emoji art, picture-in-picture, splashy waves, and more

An Introduction to Buffer in Node.js

Why you might want to use a buffer over a string or array —  and how to do it


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