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Coach Tony

Evangelist for great coaches and excellent personal development advice. CEO/Founder of Publisher of Better Humans & Better Programming.

Zack Shapiro

Editor of Better Programming ( Working on something new. Prev: Director of Engineering at BUMP (YC W18), iOS at Nano.

Latest Posts

Should You Use Machine Learning?

How to know if machine learning can solve your engineering or business problem

Build Your Pokédex: Part 2 — @ngrx/entity

An Angular tutorial — NgRx step-by-step

Beginning Python Programming — Part 17

Wrapping up with workplace optimization

A No-Nonsense Guide To Working With Web APIs

Everything you need to know about using APIs

How To Stay Motivated as a Developer

Set aside an hour or two a day and build the habit of coding in that time. After a few weeks, it’ll become the norm.

Fun With Data Structures: Random Teleport Problem

Solving a real-world problem with well-known data structure

Extending the Python Syntax

How to add sugar to the Python syntax with main wrappers

Soft Skills Every Programmer or Data Scientist Should Master

Whether you are a software engineer, data scientist or a technical manager, these skills will help you stand out.

Making a real world application with SwiftUI

Part four: Animations, Transitions and Gestures

Modern and Simple Charts With Frappe Charts

Simple, responsive, modern SVG charts with zero dependencies


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