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Managing Editor at BRIGHT Magazine

Belén Arce Terceros

journalism, communications & advocacy. humanitarian affairs, migration, and human rights. @thenewschool graduate & @fulbright alumn. english, español & français

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Audience Analyst. Actualmente en,, y

Latest Posts

A Tale Of Two Abortions

“A miscarriage can be a relief for a while but mourned later, just as the desired termination of a pregnancy can later become a loss.”

A Bright New Generation Battles Inequality

“This is a tremendous opportunity to get in front of questions about how philanthropy and our economic system intertwine.”

Fair, But Not So Lovely: India’s Obsession With Skin Whitening

The country’s fixation with light skin is a brazen cocktail of colorism, patriarchy, and residual colonialism.

I Help Muslim Refugees Because I’m Christian

I believe it is the duty of Christians to help everyone live a dignified life.

Being Fat Is Not A Moral Failure

“We’re still stereotyped as lazy sources of comedy that eat too much, don’t exercise, and are full of insecurity.”

How To Write About People Who Are Neither Heroes Nor Villains

“I couldn’t figure out how to capture Padma’s thoughts without imposition. Yes, she’d have a voice, but whose voice would it be?”

I Do Sex Work So I Can Look At Myself In The Mirror

The treatments I needed as a transsexual woman weren’t covered by insurance, and I couldn’t afford them with my low-paying job.

Intimate Snapshots of a Syrian Family in America

The al-Haj Ali family entered the United States as refugees in 2015. Here’s a peek into their lives in Aurora, Illinois.

Healing India’s Traditional Healers

India has an estimated 2.5 million medical “quacks.” Can they be trained to do no harm?

Philanthropists Should Put Themselves Out Of Business

Instead, we must organize to confront and change the cultural and economic systems that perpetuate inequality.


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