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Sarika Bansal

Editor-in-chief of BRIGHT Magazine ( Lover of wit and hot sauce.

Marion Durand

Visuals Editor

Hassan Ghedi Santur

Managing Editor at BRIGHT Magazine

Latest Posts

A BRIGHT Farewell

After three years and 800 stories, today BRIGHT Magazine closes its doors. We hope our values will live on.

This Is Why I Give. What About You?

”My own answer to ‘why I give,’ is, quite simply, because I can. Because it’s my choice. Giving is a way to express myself.”

Out Of The Closet And Into The Streets

How a feminist movement turned the demand for legal abortion in Argentina from a taboo subject and into a national debate.

A New Gospel Of Philanthropy

Should philanthropy address the inequality of which it is a symptom? And if so, how?

Talking In Pictures

I’ve spent a good chunk of my professional life thinking about how to tell stories with images, including at BRIGHT. Here’s what I learned.

The Fall Of Flint

“You know what my biggest fear is? That people are going to forget about us.”

The Double-Edged Sword Of Humanizing Migrants

Wouldn’t our library of the migrant experience be richer, more useful, if they themselves were given the means to show us their true selves?

A Tale Of Two Abortions

“A miscarriage can be a relief for a while but mourned later, just as the desired termination of a pregnancy can later become a loss.”

A Bright New Generation Battles Inequality

“This is a tremendous opportunity to get in front of questions about how philanthropy and our economic system intertwine.”

Fair, But Not So Lovely: India’s Obsession With Skin Whitening

The country’s fixation with light skin is a brazen cocktail of colorism, patriarchy, and residual colonialism.


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