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Stories from tech & design team at Aasaanjobs |

Dinesh Goel

Chief Executive Officer, Aasaanjobs

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Why Apollo GraphQL’s writeQuery is necessary?

All of you for once, must have found yourself in a clueless situation having spent couple of hours locating a problem in the source code…

How we designed filters for our B2B Product

Most often when designers are assigned with a task of designing filters; they’re most likely to replicate mundane e-commerce filters in…

Our experiments with design systems

‘Guidelines’ for building ‘Guidelines’ for smaller teams 😅

How to set up port scanning to secure your cloud data

In my years of working with distributed systems in a web service based environment, one thing I’ve noticed very frequently (especially in…

How We Secured Our AWS S3 URLs — Strategy & Implementation

Amazon S3 is a very cost effective, flexible and reliable object storage system/platform to store and retrieve any amount of data for…

Building Recommendation System for blue-collar jobs in India

It’s my daily routine. I get ready for work at 8 am, call an uber to take me to office and talk to him for 45 minutes while he drives his…

A year in designing for blue collar jobseekers in India

Every country or community has its unique set of problems. And rubbing cliched, westernised solutions on these pain points does not solve…


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