Building Creative Market

Lessons from Creative Market's design, development, growth, community, and leadership teams. (

Aaron Epstein

Co-founder & CEO @CreativeMarket. Helping creators turn passion into opportunity.

Chris Winn

CTO at Creative Market

Kelley Johnson

Community Evangelist at Creative Market

Laura Busche

@OReillyMedia Author: @LeanBranding Book | Speaker | Consultant |

Caree Youngman

Software Engineer // Passionate about bringing teams together to build software that makes the world a better place.

Latest Posts

What Makes a World-Class Engineer?

As an engineering manager at Creative Market, my entire job description can be summarized in one statement: build a world-class…

Develop Your Career, Not Your Resume

Don’t let your resume guide your career. Do what you love and your resume will build itself.

Advice for the Aspiring Self-Taught Developer

I get asked about this so much at meetups and on Twitter that I decided to write a post about it!

Building a distributed startup

Anytime I tell my story of joining Creative Market, I always stress a few details. Above all else — naturally, since it was my first…

Choose Your Own Adventure: How Dustin Lee Built a Design Career His Way

“I think we choose to ignore 99% of the options available to us.” With this thought, shop owner Dustin Lee kicked off an inspiring talk…

10 Things I Learned at Mind the Product 2018

This was my second Mind the Product conference and just like last year, it didn’t disappoint. The speakers all had fantastic insights to…

Word2vec Inspired Recommendations In Production

At Creative Market we have millions of products in seven broad categories and a marketplace with constantly evolving design trends. To…

How to Plan an Engineering Project in 5 Easy Steps

OR “How to build a complex application without losing your ever-loving mind.”

Do Design Trends Really Matter?

Many of you are familiar with the wave of design trend reports and predictions that surface at the start of each year. Some are built off…

Creative Market’s Core Values, and the “3 Shits” That Shape Our Culture

When we first started building Creative Market, culture wasn’t really something I was actively thinking about. Sure, I wanted new employees…


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