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Deb Felsenthal

Deb is a full-stack web developer at The Atlantic and is a big fan of bees 🐝

Niya Watkins

Product Designer based in Washington, DC. Currently working on digital experiences at The Atlantic.

Latest Posts

What can generative AI offer to The Atlantic?

We had some ideas. A hackathon allowed us to shape them in a matter of days. By Sebastian Podesta

Can Atlantic readers signal the next big thing in media?

An audience-centered approach to understanding new technology adoption

Bringing our writers to the forefront of our search experience

We thought adding Atlantic authors to our existing results page would be simple. We were wrong.

What it takes to make 165 years of journalism available online

Digitizing The Atlantic’s archive and turning it into a product for readers are two different things. Here’s how we did both.

Personalizing The Atlantic for you

We’re exploring customization and personalization features to encourage readers to form deeper habits with The Atlantic’s journalism.

We’ve spent two years studying readers’ & listeners’ needs of The Atlantic

What we’ve found & how it has affected the ways we we distribute our journalism

The Extreme Art of Putting Ads in Articles

Introducing The Atlantic’s powerful new client-side injector

Designing the Story for our Readers

We stripped down our digital story page to a blank canvas. Then we put only the important parts back.

Audience research at The Atlantic: How we use it — and what we don’t expect it to do for us

@emgollie writes about spending the equivalent of months per year learning about the news needs of readers, listeners, and viewers…

Empowering The Atlantic to Build Fast, High-Quality Ads at Scale

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of online advertising, speed of ad production, speed of ad loading, flexibility, and scalability…


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