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Stories from The Atlantic's design, engineering, and product team.

Betsy Ebersole Cole

VP, Product & Design at The Atlantic

Kimberly Lau

digital media, mom and food lover

Jason Goldstein

Web Developer. Live music aficionado. Serious coffee‑drinker.

Andrew McGill

Philadelphian seeking a quicker bike route to work. (politics/data/coding @theatlantic)

Latest Posts

A Better Way to Build Newsletters at The Atlantic

Newsletters are all the rage these days, and with good cause: in the age of cluttered social media feeds and algorithmically-sourced…

Designing a membership program in 75 minutes — with help from a few D20’s

As product managers at The Atlantic and long-standing nerds, there are two things that Andrew McGill and I both love: the future of news…

What If We Decoupled The Front End?

It’s an exciting time to be a front end developer. JavaScript can be written both server-side and client-side. Build tools allow us to use…

Can all the ads be fast?

A data-driven approach to speeding up

Automating Bagel Bliss with the Twilio API

Here at The Atlantic, we take our bagels very seriously. Every Wednesday, members of the product team update a spreadsheet with their bagel…

Improving Performance at The Atlantic

Going into our recent redesign, we outlined many front end goals. One of which was to improve performance overall by 20%. Another goal was…

Laying the Foundation: Rebuilding Articles on The Atlantic

A year ago, we launched a new homepage that reconsidered user needs and evolving editorial use cases. Today, we are doing the same with our…

Excited by the latest news platform? Build three — yes, three—prototypes to test it first

At The Atlantic, we build proof-of-concepts before making a bet.

A hack day project: Giving you great journalism in every new browser tab

Every so often on The Atlantic’s Product team, we drop what we’re doing and spend a day messing around. Lots of whiteboards, some frantic…

(Re)building The Atlantic on iOS

We’re launching a new iOS app today! We’ve partnered with the top notch team at Lickability to rebuild our app from top to bottom and have…


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