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Future Precedent.

Mike Hunt

Haterade Mainliner, Bastard progeny of King James V, crypto thousandaire, anti-suffrage crusader, decorative hermit.

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The True Cost of MetaVerse Denial

There’s a 13-year-old boy whose MetaVerse denying father — an intelligent, accomplished man in his early fifties — won’t build an avatar…

Breaking: “Ethereum Is Going To The Moon with Musk’s Help Says Machine Learning Text Generator…

In an exclusive and shocking interview with GPT-2, the Transformer model revealed startling accusations that Elon Musk and Ethereum are on…

Space Sweepers Review:

What has happened to screen writing?

Tenet Review:

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I read several pretentious books so you don’t have to.

When selecting a book it’s important to remember several components that make it pretentious. Below are some mandatory and optional…

Paradise at the Mall

It’s hard to say what first attracted me to him. Was it his liquid chocolate eyes or his flawless café au lait completion? Maybe it was…

5 Don Johnson Looks For A Casual Friday

Are You Ready For The Weekend Of Life?


ペンシルベニア州出身のKyle Giersdorfが最初のFortniteワールドカップを獲得しました。


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