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We are React Native community-trusted, extremely skilled Javascript developers ready for hire for your next React Native and React project, now.

Mike Grabowski

CTO at, React Native developer. Dealing with timezone differences between Europe and USA. Writing with ❤ from Poland.

Monika Garyantesiewicz

Marketing Strategist

Anna Lankauf

CEO at, React / React Native / Node.js Dev Shop | Startuper currently working on the next CRM unicorn :)

Latest Posts

Handling multiple native views in react native

How to handle multiple native views in react native DOM

Callstack + Open Source = 💙

“To support and inspire other developers and companies to launch their products for everyone, at the same time, on every platform” —these…

Building Component Libraries for React Native apps

This is a summary of the talk I gave at App.js. You can watch the full talk in the video below. You can find the slides here.

Introducing React Native OSS board

At Callstack we’ve been working with open source React Native repositories for a while. We’ve shipped several libraries such as Linaria…

Bob — Simple way to build React Native libraries for publishing

It’s a common practice to publish React Native libraries as source code without building them. Metro handles compiling JavaScript and…

Take part in React Native EU Workshops!

Can you imagine React Native EU conference without a day of workshops? Hmm, let me think… we either cannot! No matter if you are starting…

Announcing React Native Tab View 2.0

If you are using React Native and needed an animated tab view at some point, you have probably seen the react-native-tab-view library…

Make a React Hook out of your Native Module

If you like to stay up to date with the latest trends in web development (or you’re React Native geek like me 😅), you probably heard…

The React Native CLI has a new home

If you keep your eyes close on what’s going on in React Native (and there’s so much going on!), you may have noticed that around 2 months…

Announcing Linaria 1.0

The first major release of Linaria is here. It’s more robust, handles more edge cases and introduces a new API to make easier to use with…


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