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Stories from Capital One's designers on how using humanity, simplicity, and ingenuity can empower people to have better control over their money.

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Dorothy Levin

Looking for people who are creating communities.

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Designing for Care: Inclusive Content

with inspiration for writers from a recent OneDesign release

People and Money at SXSW

Oh no. I did it again. I brought up money in mixed company. I thought we were getting real! A minute ago the conversation was politics…

How I work as a UX writer

Hi. My name is Shawn, and I’m a content strategist and UX writer at Capital One. I simplify user experiences.

Design leadership tricks: WWYR?

Face it. While you might have a vision, you really don’t have a clue of all the things that are required to bring it about. But your team…

Social Table RVA: The Official Recap

I recently had the pleasure of being the emcee for Capital One’s Design Pro Bono event, Social Table, which was brought to Richmond…

The Baseline Journey

Managing a customer’s journey across time and touchpoint is a labor of love. Attempting to manage different journeys for different customer…

How now? Chose a shovel, log, or axe

You’re brilliant, you really are. Smile real big. Because you know what the future should look like, and people are bought in. But before…

Computational Inclusion and Why it Matters

In “Kill All Others” (the TV adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s story, The Hanging Stranger), it describes a world in which an ambiguous…


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