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Matt Schlicht

CEO of Octane AI, Founder of Chatbots Magazine, YC Alum, Forbes 30 Under 30, product at Ustream for 4 years (sold for $130mil), did digital for Lil Wayne.

Ben Parr

President & Co-Founder of Octane AI | Author of Captivology | BoD of Samasource | Formerly CNET, Mashable | Forbes 30 Under 30

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The Premier Chatbot and Voice Assistant Conference

SuperBot 2019: Conversational AI Conference

Don’t miss the biggest chatbot & voice technology conference in San Francisco on April 2, 2019.

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There’s a lot online about how easy peasy it is to build chatbots. But let’s see for ourselves by racing through a real-world example.

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We took 200,000 messages that a major real estate company received from site visitors over the course of six months, and did a deep-dive…

7 Ways Chatbots Can Increase Business Efficiency and Productivity

Does your organization invest a huge amount of time, energy and money in training employees? If yes, there is now a better way to manage…

The 1-Minute Conversational Design Overview

Need some quick pointers on chatbot conversational design? Here’s some key points to get you started.

The Ultimate Chatbot UX Design Strategy for 2019

What a chatbot needs to be successful in 2019


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