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Matt Schlicht

CEO of Octane AI, Founder of Chatbots Magazine, YC Alum, Forbes 30 Under 30, product at Ustream for 4 years (sold for $130mil), did digital for Lil Wayne.

Ben Parr

President & Co-Founder of Octane AI | Author of Captivology | BoD of Samasource | Formerly CNET, Mashable | Forbes 30 Under 30

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Artificial Intelligence is in full swing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a science fiction story, but it is much closer than…

The five types of chatbot use for businesses

Chatbots. You know what they are. You know that they’re growing increasingly popular as a tool for businesses. But just how useful are…

The #1 Reason Most Chatbot NLU Models Fail

Making the case for domain-specific NLU models


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