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Joe Iles

Editor in Chief @circulatenews / Beer, music and bad film lover.


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation welcomes you to Circulate, an online location for news and thought-leadership on the circular economy and related subjects.

Ross Findon

Digital content producer for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Reporting from the frontline of the circular economy. Find me at @rossfindon.

Latest Posts

How redesigning jeans could change the way we think about the fashion industry

New circular economy guidelines will see jeans made to last longer, made to be remade, and made in ways that are better for the…

The trends and trailblazers creating a circular economy for fashion

The fashion industry can move away from the take-make-waste model — and signs of change are evident

What the world can learn from Māori thinking

Combining the circular economy with the worldviews preserved by indigenous people could offer a path to a more prosperous economy

Regenerative agriculture: how it works on the ground

“The soil is the great connector of our lives, the source and destination of us all” — Wendell Berry

Six Chinese Fashion Platforms That Let You Share What You Wear

China is well placed to make fashion more circular through shared wardrobes, which keep items in use for longer, and require fewer garments

Circular Molecules

The circular economy and digitalisation will be the two most important trends employed by Germany’s chemical industry as it moves towards…

Policy: the circular designer’s secret weapon

Smart policy can inspire better material choices, innovative business models, and the continual circulation of value.

Brands team up to see how 3D printing can revolutionise repair

Some of the biggest brands in electronics and furniture have worked together to discover how 3D printing can disrupt the way they make and…

Why public sector innovation is the reason your iPhone is so smart

Every day, we’re surrounded by technology that we take for granted. GPS, the Internet, barcodes, touchscreens…but how often do we stop to…


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