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Lauren Von Bernuth

Co-Founder of Citizen Truth. I like to write and punch things. Follow my news site, Citizen Truth too!

Citizen Truth Staff

Staff writers for Citizen Truth are located all over the world including: Kenya, Jakarta, Columbia and throughout the U.S.

Latest Posts

WikiLeaks Chief Julian Assange Arrested at London’s Ecuadorean Embassy

Assange’s lawyer called his arrest a “dangerous precedent” where any journalist could face U.S. charges for “publishing truthful…

Locals in Gaza City React to Israeli Election Results

“The rightist government of Netanyahu has two main choices: either to relieve the Gaza blockade in return for complete calm by the…

Israeli Election: Netanyahu Appears To Keep Knesset Control Despite Tie

While Netanyahu and his Likud party tied with the opposition Blue and White party, right-wing parties outperformed left-wing parties in…

A Battle is Being Waged to Save Bears Ears, Chaco Canyon National Parks

“It was really a matter of lobbyists scratching each other’s backs. ‘We’ll throw a pile of coal money at trying to destroy Bears Ears, if…

US Life Expectancy Declines In Trend Not Seen Since A Century Ago

“The indicators already show that we’re falling apart. America’s life expectancy has declined for the last three years in a row, the first…

Palestinian Amputees Find Work and Hope in Red Cross Program

“After I have begun teaching these kids with the help of the ICRC, I feel much better, as I do something good and help my own family.”

Alabama Abortion Bill Makes Abortion at Any Stage Punishable by 99 Years in Jail

A new proposed Alabama abortion bill would make abortion at any stage of pregnancy illegal and performing one a Class A felony, punishable…

Days Before Election, Netanyahu Says He Will Annex West Bank If Re-Elected

“If Netanyahu wants to declare Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank, then you know he has to face a real problem. We will stay there…

Joblessness, Debt in India Threaten Strongman PM Modi in May Election

With the extreme debt, depression and suicide rates facing the Indian farming community, current Prime Minister Modi’s polling numbers may…

With Brexit Deadline Just Days Away, Second Referendum Now More Likely

If a second referendum comes to pass, the result will again likely be decided by the turnout of younger and older citizens of the UK.


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