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Lauren Von Bernuth

Co-Founder of Citizen Truth. I like to write and punch things. Follow my news site, Citizen Truth too!

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Staff writers for Citizen Truth are located all over the world including: Kenya, Jakarta, Columbia and throughout the U.S.

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Sleeping While Black

Willie McCoy did not even get to wake up before he was prejudged a threat and killed by six police officers.

Six Police Officers Shoot and Kill Willie McCoy, a Black Man Who Was Sleeping in His Car

In Vallejo, California, an area that has seen other high profile police violence cases in recent years, police shot dead a young black man…

David Bernhardt, Trump’s DOI Chief Nominee is Former Oil and Gas Lobbyist

Is David Bernhardt a successful reformer of the Department of Interior or an errand boy for the oil and gas industry?

Green New Deal And The Framing War

Neither Jim Lakely nor Tim Huelskamp responded to an email asking them to provide ‘their’ definition of Socialism and how the Green New…

2018 Was a Record-Breaking Win For Diversity in Hollywood

Women and people of color are finding their way to the lead roles in U.S. movies.

California Joins New Mexico in Withdrawing National Guard From Border

New Mexico and now California have now both recalled National Guard troops from the border wall.

A Weaponized History of the IMF and World Bank in Unconventional Warfare

“Some of the best weapons do not shoot,” said a leaked U.S. military guidebook referencing how the U.S. relies on financial institutions…

New Budget Deal Reached, All Eyes Now on Trump

Republicans and Democrats reached a deal Monday night while President Trump was at a campaign rally in Texas where he told attendees he…

Facebook Dealt Huge Blow by German Courts, More Countries Could Follow Suit

As Facebook celebrates its 15th anniversary, Germany is certainly not joining in on the celebration but is instead ruling that Facebook is…

Navy Seal Accused of Gunning Down Iraqi Civilians, Targeting Mosques

Eddie Gallagher, a mentally unstable and violent officer guilty of premeditated murder or war hero?


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