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David Goldstein • I write stuff! • Senior Fellow at • Weirdly, only follow people I've met.

Paul Constant

Political writer at Civic Ventures. Co-founder of the Seattle Review of Books.

Stephen Paolini

Campaign Manager I-1639 (Gun Violence Prevention), Field Director I-940 (Police Accountability).

Zach Silk

President of Civic Ventures | Ran Winning Ballot Campaign for Marriage Equality in WA ’12 | Chair of the Alliance for Gun Responsiblity | Son, Husband, Father

Latest Posts

Economics is not a science; it’s a story

What the wealth tax debate tells us about the bias of economists

The scam of reputation-washing

How corporations successfully cover up their big-money messes with small-dollar philanthropic giving

Angry about public safety? Blame law and order.

Seattle: We need a timeout. You’re making Rudy Giuliani blush.

In a New Letter, Corporate America Admits It’s Greedy as Hell

Almost 200 CEOs just confirmed that shareholder value optimization is bad for everyone. I agree! So what’s the next step?

Trickle-Down Economics Is Un-American

When billionaires buy whole-heartedly into the fiction that they’re the true engines of the economy, things start to get really weird.

Looking for Hope in the Climate Crisis? Throw Out Neoliberal Economics!

How a middle-out economic model can save us from climate change (and strengthen the economy for everyone).

The Trolls Tried to Claim Seattle. They Lost.

In last night’s primary election, Seattle voters rejected exclusionary policies. Now, the race is on to define the city we want.

What to Expect When You’re Electing

One of the dirtiest, ugliest primary elections in Seattle history is finally drawing to a close. Here’s what happens next.

How to Close the Loop

At the presidential debates this week, the unlikeliest messenger explained why Democratic economic policies are better for everyone.

How to Cut Essential Public Services Without Anyone Noticing — Use Wonky Acronyms

Why You Should Care About the CPI-U and the chained-CPI


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