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David Goldstein • I write stuff! • Senior Fellow at • Weirdly, only follow people I've met.

Paul Constant

Political writer at Civic Ventures. Co-founder of the Seattle Review of Books.

Stephen Paolini

Campaign Manager I-1639 (Gun Violence Prevention), Field Director I-940 (Police Accountability).

Zach Silk

President of Civic Ventures | Ran Winning Ballot Campaign for Marriage Equality in WA ’12 | Chair of the Alliance for Gun Responsiblity | Son, Husband, Father

Latest Posts

Our New Dutch Crush: Rutger Bregman’s Roadmap to Utopia

We have a new crush, he’s Dutch, and he’s not messing around.

Meet the Latest Anti-$15 Poster Child

Restaurants Unlimited has filed for bankruptcy, claiming a high minimum wage is the reason for their misfortune. Is that really what’s…

A Civic Take: Let’s Tax the Rich…By Taxing the Rich

(In which the Washington Post editorial board unwittingly satirizes itself.)

A Civic Take: Where Are All the Big Ideas to Prevent Gun Violence?

Over two nights last week, 20 Democratic presidential candidates discussed some big ideas — Medicare For All, Free College for All, and a…

A Civic Take: Elizabeth Warren is right, these aren’t your granddaddy’s monopolies

In March, Sen. Elizabeth Warren took to Medium to lay out an ambitious plan for regulating tech monopolies. Plenty of people are calling…

A Civic Take: Free College is Centrist

What do you call a policy that has broad practical benefits for most people and is supported by a supermajority of voters? Centrist.

A Civic Take: Inslee’s Fossil Fuel Plan Attacks Trickle Down Economics Head-On.

Yesterday, Jay Inslee announced his plan to cut off America’s dependence on fossil fuels cold turkey. The substance of the plan is great…

You Can Join the Fight to Restore Overtime

Washington State is about to lead the nation by protecting the time and paychecks of middle-class workers. But we can’t do it without you.

If You Support Public Schools, You Should Support Universal Child Care

Child care is unaffordable for everyone but the wealthiest families. We can create an early learning system that works for everyone.

Seattle Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer on Housing

By undermining democracy, the Seattle Times has stolen a page from Mitch McConnell’s playbook. This is a new low for the paper’s…


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