Sharing our thoughts on data driven experiences and data visualization

Gert Franke

Co-Founder of @CLEVERFRANKE — a design agency for data driven experiences and @SensorLab030 — a foundation that brings together the smart tech community

Koen Poelhekke

Freelance Front-end developer

Jan Hoogeveen

Lead Front-End Developer @cleverfranke. Into coffee, BBQ, craft beers and all other clichés.

Thomas Clever

Co-Founder / Director of @CLEVERFRANKE: Interactive Information- & Data visualization / Design / Technology / Rugby player / Sports

Marigo Heijboer

UX designer at CLEVER°FRANKE with a passion for human decision-making and making complex data user-friendly.

Wouter van Dijk

UX Director / Industrial Designer / Working with data


Developer, developer, developer, data, designer? Doing stuff @cleverfranke

Priya Ollapally Wellington

Product Manager, Brooklyn-dweller, cheese lover, letterpresser, sporadic tweeter. Bad puns are my own.

Bob Corporaal

Bob Corporaal is a passionate designer with over 15 years of experience in User Experience Design and Strategy. Currently Managing Director at CLEVER°FRANKE


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