You have an idea for a web or a mobile app? We have the know-how and the now-tech. Check our work at

Ines Jurković

Communication Specialist at COBE.

Daniel Wagner

Co-Founder / Managing Director Design at Cobe and Co-Founder / Partner at fantasy football platform Kickbase.

Anatol Korel

founded &

Felix van de Sand

Managing Director at COBE. Author of “User Experience is Brand Experience”


Team of design&development professionals from digital agency COBE. Check our work at

Katarina Gagulic

Marketing Manager at COBE.

Luka Kordić

Android developer @cobe_tech Osijek, Croatia

Dolores Katic

QA Engineer at @cobe_tech

Korbinian Keckeis

UX Designer delivering for


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From the Series “Managing your UX Research Remotely” by Julia Roming

How to turn research insights into frameworks digitally

From the Series “Managing your UX Research Remotely” by Julia Roming


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