It's a new day for docs.

Evan Davies

Banging on ⌨️ by day, 🎹 by night.

Matt Hudson

Head of growth & GTM at Coda; building out an ambitious product and company.

Raechel Timme

Tech HR and recruiting professional. Builder of teams and culture. Mom of two. California native, SF convert.

Latest Posts

Meet custom templates: A new way to Coda-fy your rituals

Coda’s building blocks, stacked just how you like

Designing Coda’s dark mode

A look into the design process of one of Coda’s top requested features.

Rituals of My Team — How Coda’s Key Accounts Team keeps work fun and collaborative

The Key Accounts team enables customers to use Coda to solve business problems — here’s a look at the rituals we use to keep that work…

In search of a better planning process: How Coda’s core rituals evolved

The Best Planning Process doesn’t exist. But the best planning process for your team does — if you’re willing to make trade-offs.

How Coda evolved its knowledge sharing rituals

Our framework for sharing knowledge directly through the customer’s voice or the voice of data-and articulating company’s health.

One year later: 3 ways Coda evolved its company culture

A look at the rituals of company culture we evolved over the past year.

A new way to get feedback: reactions

Coda makers always surprise us in the ways that they introduce interactivity into their doc, whether it’s filtering tables, checking off…

Old doc, new year: Part II

How I improved my most-used doc with Coda’s 2020 product improvements.

Analyze your Peloton workout stats with real-time updates (template and scripts)

A tutorial on how you can sync and analyze your Peloton workout stats into Coda with custom dashboards. Sync with a Google Apps Script or…

Multidimensional schema: Data without hierarchy

We’re weaving large data sets together in the final installment of our schema series.


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