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Maria Alejandra Yepes

Cofundadora de Empiricus. Convencida del poder transformador de la educación en artes, ciencia y tecnología.

Ashwin Hariharan

Software Engineer & Fitness Freak, among other things! ❤ Writing | Startups, Tech, AI, ML | Teacher on occasions, student for life.

Olivia Mischianti

CEO, Code Like A Girl. Co-founder, Lookout Web Studio. Join the discussion on equality, tech, business, and food.

Latest Posts

Finding out I’m autistic at 30

“I have no doubt you are autistic Madam”, said the doctor. And suddenly all my stress flew out the window. It all started when I stumbled…

How Recruiting Diverse Talent Can Make Tech More Accessible

Individuals living with disabilities are often overlooked in the tech world, even if they are qualified to work within it. People with…

Why I wrote this post and you should too

Lately all the conferences and meetups I attend seem to encourage women in tech to get out there and start giving talks, mentor or write…

How to fix the go error: File is not `goimports`-ed (goimports)

I recently started learning Go. One of the packages I installed was golangci-lint. When I ran it, this error came up: File is not…

Introduction to Using git in Terminal

I use git via IDEs. Right now it’s Github Desktop. In the past I used Sourcetree. However I read somewhere git in the terminal is more…

Fast-Changing Tech and How It Affects Your Brain

We live in an unprecedented age of technological access that enriches our daily lives immeasurably. With nearly unfettered access to the…

Empowering at Microsoft TechHer

I went to TechHer at Microsoft recently. It’s an event for women in technology to learn more about the latest Microsoft technologies, how…

Baby Steps in Setting the Right PATH in Linux

I thought I was finally at the stage where I knew enough to use Google as a code newbie. Foolish! I forgot that there is such a huge world…

Sexism and Power in the Workplace and Beyond

Collective action to bring down the patriarchy.


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