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React Native: build full-fledged module with Google Maps and Places APIs

In this guide, we’ll build example mini-application with react-native-maps, which will also feature directions between arbitrary number of…

Why implementing unit tests is more important than your final output.

Write a simple unit test with ASP.NET Core in minutes

To handle user authentication with ReactJS

Hello! in this write up we are going to build a brand new application in ReactJS from scratch to handle authentication parts in Front end.

Understanding Java Servlet Architecture

Java Servlets are software component that runs on a web server or application server and be responsible to receive the request from the…

Understanding ES6 Modules (import / export syntax) in JavaScript

Import & export of ES6 modules in JavaScript explained. Using the browser, compiler and even Node.js

JavaScript: Object.create()

Create truly empty objects

The real reason behind cloud’s complexity

Most of us think that if cloud computing is supposed to make our lives easier, why is it so darn complex? To put it simply, cloud…

Get Started with RabbitMQ on Docker

How to quickly spin up RabbitMQ instances with Docker and Docker Compose.

Advice when starting your first developer job

Starting as a developer can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to start. These are some lessons learned over my time so far.


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