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Latest Posts

Difference between Lists and Tuple

Brief differences between two main pillars of data structures

How Covid-19 Will Change the Way Tech Companies Engage with Developers

It’s time to build your online presence when in-person events aren’t an option.

How To Nail Your Dream Software Engineering Job Right After Graduation

Preparing for your first technical interview

Baby Steps for GitHub Newbies!

One Baby Step at a Time Gitbie!

Agile Testing — Principles, methods & advantages

With the increase in the complexity of software development procedures, the approached of software testing and QA services requires…

Do you know Brook’s Law?

An observation about software project management according to which “adding manpower to a late software project makes it late”

How APIs Can Benefit From Computational Cost Equality

I will explain why your users, ops team and developers would love working with homogeneous API — API with computational cost equality

JavaScript News and Updates (February & March 2020)

Welcome back to our JavaScript news digest! We hope that you are doing well during these turbulent times and still have an appetite for…

Redux type-checking without TypeScript/Flow

You might be familiar with a code like:

NVM for Windows: How To Install and Use (Node.js / npm / nvm)

Hello, Johmsi here. I am going to show you how to install and use Node Version Manager for WINDOWS.


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