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Latest Posts

What Time Is It?

Develop your own world clock with React

React JS — Understanding State

React separates passing data & manipulating data with props and state. In the previous post, I’ve explained how to pass data between…

Creating and Drawing on an HTML5 Canvas using JavaScript

Let’s explore what the canvas is and draw some shapes.

beautiful-skill-tree is officially v1! 🌲

Visualise a satisfying feeling of progression in your app with the help of beautiful-skill-tree.

6 tips to learn programming for Women in Tech!

Lack of women in tech, especially in programming has always been a challenge, here are 6 tips that can change this!

.htaccess Snippets to Strengthen Security of WordPress Website

Securing your site should be your priority before you make your site live. But, that’s not a hard or fast rule as you can always secure…

Using Angular innerHtml to display user-generated content without sacrificing security

Why do some of your styles no longer work when using [innerHtml] to show some HTML content?

Kubernetes Ingress simply visually explained

I show what Ingress is (and why it’s not a Service) by using graphics and a simple practical example.

Learning Rust by Contrasting with TypeScript: Part 9

We continue with two topics: error handling and generic data types.


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