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Customising CodeceptJS E2E tests

This post will focus on examples of how to customise the methods available from the core CodeceptJS API.

10 Continuous Integration Systems your Team should know about in 2019

TL;DR: in this article, we would see what continuous integration is all about and the top industry continuous integration systems…

React/Redux/React-Router Private Route Alternative

Guess who’s back.. back again…

An introduction to Websockets

And the benefits over a traditional HTTP RESTful interface

Creating holograms with the Microsoft HoloLens

I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow a HoloLens from work for a bit. If you’re unfamiliar, the HoloLens is a wearable device that…

5 Examples of What Great Documentation Looks Like for Developers

Building out new projects can be an exciting experience, but which developer tools provide the most comprehensive documentation? A user’s…

How Mutual TLS authentication work?

Understanding mutual tls can be difficult, not if you try this puzzle

Apple Pay Integration into Mobile Apps

During the presentation on the 9th of September 2014, Apple introduced Apple Pay — its own system of mobile payments.

Getting started with React Hooks — A simple guide

React Hooks officially got released a few days ago, and I would love to share some code snippets on how it’s been used. We’ll basically be…

Of course HTML is a programming language

Is HTML a programming language? Is it? And why would somebody ask?


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