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How to Build Great React Search Experiences Quickly

Building search experiences is hard work. It can seem easy at a glance: build a search bar, put data into a database, then have user input…

Is IoT affecting the future of Web Development? Let’s see How

IoT is going to change how we interact with the web

Build custom Modal Component in React.

Modals are one of the most vital component of UI elements on the web. they provides a solid foundation for creating dialogs, popover etc.

Test Driven Development with Jest

Test Driven Development is a principle of software development that ensure your code work exactly as you want it, it is a principle that…

How to Create and Deploy a Serverless React App

Infrastructure-Components let you create, start, and deploy a React App easily. With Code-Architect, you don’t even need an AWS account.

Demystify AWS Lex Bots

“Bot” is a popular and booming term these days and for sure an interesting technology for all with different knowledge backgrounds. Unlike…

A Generalized Solution to Authorization in Node.js

A solution that provides a declarative approach to authorization.

Color Switcher UI with Color input type & CSS Variables

With the help of the CSS variables and native color input type, we can switch the theme UI on our web application or site. Well, the web…

C# Design Patterns: The Factory Pattern

Needing to create some objects,? Try out the Factory Pattern.

It’s a Machine’s Job: 9 Types of Automated Data Capture

The amount of unstructured data in business environments can be paralyzing, especially when you think about the multitude of its sources…


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