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Latest Posts

Primary and secondary Angular Router Outlets

How to use more than one router outlet in Angular

How Logging Sized the World

Before big data, there was the humble logbook

How to use Transformer for Audio Classification

Special consideration to positional encoding and experimentation about it

Develop an app like SnapChat

Snapchat is a popular and most admired augmented reality application. Learn how to develop an app like snapchat.

Open Source Series: Documentation

or answering the what and how questions

Rewrite history in Git

The whole point of keeping the history of your team’s changes with git is not to point fingers at the developer who created a bug. And it…

Chrome v80 release: JS module support for workers

Google just released Chrome version 80 on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. I personally waited for this specific release for over one year and…

JavaScript Type Checking with Flow — Arrays and Tuples

We look at how to add types to arrays and tuples.

JavaScript News and Updates (January 2020)

It’s good to be back with the first JavaScript digest of the new year. As before, we’re going to share with you a collection of some of…


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