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Latest Posts

Stay out of TRouBLe with shorthand properties.

So I am currently reading a great book titled CSS in Depth — I think it’s a pearl if you ask me. Anyways, I discovered something that has…

Understanding C++ Casts

C++, being a strongly typed language, is strict with its types. And there are always cases when you need to convert one type into another…

Unit Testing for REST APIs in Go

Building RESTful APIs in different languages with different approaches and design patterns have always been as trending as being on a…

What You Should Not Do As A Product Manager ?

Avoid These 3 Mistakes Being A Product Manager

How to Run Apache Flink Effectively on YARN?

How Flink handles deployment and tolerates failures when run in YARN cluster.

Build a chat application in Dart (Part 3)

The long awaited tutorial is here now

What Tools You Need To Be An Effective Product Manager: Part 1?

If you aspire to be an effective product leader always trust data which your user is giving and empathize them always.

Laravel Passport: Assigning a UUID to your OAuth Clients

How to override the Laravel Passport functionality to use UUIDs instead of an incremental ID

Getting Started with Styletron

Atomic CSS from JS 🚀

Crafting a Command Line Experience that Developers Love

If you’re setting out to build a highly usable developer tool, it goes without saying that a proper CLI to interface with your API is…


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