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Create a 3D Animated Airhorn Button in React Native

Sound boards took the the world by storm when you could build out audio clips playing on the web. For fun I figured we could explore how…

Reflections on Progressive Web Apps part 1: the adoption problem

Last week I had been in talking about PWA’s. After my presentation I talked with some people and most of them eventually asked…

Customizing Create React App — Done Right

Example of customizing Create React App by forking react-scripts.

FizzBuzz solution in Javascript

FizzBuzz question is most commonly asked in interviews to test the problem-solving skills.

Hello Create React App (CRA)- TypeScript

Taking CRA TypeScript support out for a spin.

The Single Responsibility Principle

SOLID Principles at a glance

React’s Render Props technique in 3 Minutes

Grasp this useful technique whilst making some watches ⌚️

Build a Gatsby advanced blog

we are going to build a blazing speed gatsby blog with the seo, tags and many more.

How to title case a sentence in JavaScript

JavaScript doesn’t offer any inbuilt methods to capitalize the first letter of the string. Let’s write our function to convert the string…


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