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Latest Posts

Introduction to Dart —new video series

This is a FREE sample of my upcoming Flutter course.

My 2018 year in review with Flutter

This article is an introspective review of my year as a Flutter developer, blogger and YouTuber in 2018.

Dart vs Swift: a comparison

Dart and Swift are my two favourite programming languages. I have used them extensively in commercial and open-source code.

Flutter will change everything, and Apple won’t do anything about it

Hey iOS developers, come take a look, I’ll show you around.

My Favourite List of Flutter Resources

Flutter is awesome! Big thanks to the Flutter team and all the people in the wider community that keep pushing this project to new heights.

Flutter: The power of small and reusable widgets

Welcome back! This is part 2 of a mini series on how to build a Flight CO2 Calculator in Flutter.

Flutter: Building a Flight CO2 Calculator (Part 1)

Hi everyone! I recently created and published a Flutter app called Flight CO2 Calculator.

Flutter: Input Validation with RegExp

Today I’m launching a new video about Input Validation and RegExp.

Coding With Flutter Update: Course Announcement

Today I’m very happy to announce that I’m working on a full Flutter course!


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