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Dart Features for Better Code: Types and working with parameters

This tutorial presents some of the fundamental features of the Dart language, and shows how to use them in practice.

Flutter State Management: setState, BLoC, ValueNotifier, Provider

This article is a write-up of the highlights in this video 👆, where we compare different state management techniques.

Flutter: Designing an Authentication API with Service Classes

In the previous articles we have seen how to create a simple authentication flow with firebase_auth and the Provider package:

Flutter: Global Access vs Scoped Access with Provider

In the previous article we have seen how to build a simple authentication flow with Flutter & Firebase.

Super Simple Authentication Flow with Flutter & Firebase

User authentication is a very common requirement for a lot of apps.

Widget-Async-Bloc-Service: A Practical Architecture for Flutter Apps

Difficulty level: Intermediate/advanced. All opinions are my own.

Flutter & Firebase: Reference Authentication Demo

Today I’m sharing a new open source project, showing how to implement a full authentication flow with Flutter & Firebase:

Introduction to Dart —new video series

This is a FREE sample of my upcoming Flutter course.

My 2018 year in review with Flutter

This article is an introspective review of my year as a Flutter developer, blogger and YouTuber in 2018.


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