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Alex Vikmanis

Director, Editorial Operations @ Medium

Sam Duboff

head of creator product marketing at spotify; former head of marketing at medium

Latest Posts

Why Complex Storytelling Is Thriving In A Digital Age

You may have heard that complex storytelling is dying these days. It’s not true! Here’s an essay I performed not so long ago for The News…

What We Learned From Our First Year on Medium

Two years ago if you asked me to explain the concept of content marketing I would start by talking to you about planets.

Why Brands Should Pass the Mic to Their Star Employees

Breaking the executive/employee caste system and democratizing thought leadership

Personalized Advertising is an Oxymoron

or: How We Forgot That Minority Report Was A Dystopian Vision

Going Beyond ‘Post-and-Pay’

Rethinking social marketing in a platform-driven world

Well, What’s the Point of Social Media, Anyway?

It’s meaningless without an overarching mission

Ad-Pushers Killed Social Media

But the right kind of leadership can bring it back to life

Who Killed Social Media?

A letter exchange on the end of conversations

Meet the Marketing Dream Team of the Future

And then watch them turn your brand blog into a successful content marketing machine


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