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The Corsairs were some of the earliest entrepreneurs. These venture capital backed merchant adventurers took on the mega-corporations of Europe, think East India Company. In their spirit, Corsair's Business is dedicated to lessons from the high seas of today's high-tech world.

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Articles that engage, educate, and entertain through analogies, analytics, and … occasionally, pirates!

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Fear, Growth, and Analytics

The Business World’s Rochambeau

How To Shoot Yourself In The Face With Data

Or how to avoid data-driven embarrassment

Learning Money

How elementary school financial education predicts entrepreneurial success.

The Future is Crowdfunded.

by Maureen Murat, Esq. and Samson Williams

Drowning in data?

Most Good Companies Are…

Laundering Cannabis Cash to Pay Federal Taxes — A Proprietary Process.

Note — this is an ad for the Ascendant Management Compliance Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona Sept 23–25 and the AvantPay Cannabis…

Practical Analytics Is More Important Than Those Industry Buzzwords

My Apologies To Data Science, Big Data, Actionable Intelligence, and Data-Driven

Dear Black People — Don’t Chug the Blockchain Kool-Aid

Hello Beautiful People! Blockchain doesn’t solve human problems.

10 Observations about Facebook’s Libra Coin.

Originally published by Blockchain Business Magazine, July 2019, page 28.


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