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The Corsairs were some of the earliest entrepreneurs. These venture capital backed merchant adventurers took on the mega-corporations of Europe, think East India Company. In their spirit, Corsair's Business is dedicated to lessons from the high seas of today's high-tech world.

Corsair's Publishing

Articles that engage, educate, and entertain through analogies, analytics, and … occasionally, pirates!

Latest Posts

Bitcoin y El Salvado

Money often costs too much. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Automation in The Netherlands and why America is 10 years behind in technology

WeChat in Amsterdam. What this means to American Exceptionalism.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Analytics

…But also The Better and The Best

How to raise your first $107k in Funding

The beauty of RegCF investment crowdfunding. By Samson Williams

Dear Data Scientists,

Please Stop Defining Data Analysts… It’s Embarrassing

Beware The Drowning — An Analytic Analogy

Data Can Be Just As Dangerous As Deep Water

Analytic Omens

Name Changes, Fear, and Unprecedented Events

Fear, Growth, and Analytics

The Business World’s Rochambeau

How To Shoot Yourself In The Face With Data

Or how to avoid data-driven embarrassment


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