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Migs Lopez

Fund Manager * Market Analyst * Video Gamer

Alexander Neri

Technical. Creative. Building tomorrow's tech, today. Manages Founded Former test analyst. Technical Writer for @NetSuite.

Martin V

Writer for and Host of’s Jobber Talk.

Latest Posts

Critical Index’s Review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Let’s be honest, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a decent game, probably the first good one EA has published over the recent years, thanks…

“Menu Theme Song” — Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (December 30, 2019)

The Menu Theme Song of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is our final entry to the 2019 batch of Monday Music Mayhem. This theme song takes me…

“Toy Day” — Animal Crossing (Monday Music Mayhem: December 23, 2019)

Welcome to another edition of Monday Music Mayhem. Today, we give you “Toy Day” from the Animal Crossing series.

“City Streets/Open World Music Theme” — South Park: The Stick of Truth (Monday Music Mayhem…

Today we go to one of my favorite RPG games in the past decade (that is NOT named Persona 5) for our entry to Monday Music Mayhem: “City…

“Level 1 BGM” — The Adventures of Batman and Robin OST (Monday Music Mayhem: December 09, 2019)

“Level 1” BGM from The Adventures of Batman & Robin game from the Sega Game Gear is today’s entry to Monday Music Mayhem.

Gatekeepers 1970 Intro (Monday Music Mayhem: December 2, 2019)

The intro song of Gate Keepers 1970, from the Playstation 1, is today’s entry to Monday Music Mayhem. This was the video game that started…

“Credits” — Resident Evil 3 OST (Monday Music Mayhem: November 25, 2019)

The “Credits” track of Resident Evil 3 is today’s entry to Monday Music Mayhem.

“Main Theme” — 428 Shibuya Scramble (Monday Music Mayhem: November 18, 2019)

The “Main Theme” or opening theme of the game 428 Shibuya Scramble is today’s entry to Monday Music Mayhem.

ROG SHARE 2019: Republic of Giving

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) gives back this holiday season with SHARE 2019: Republic of Giving. They shall deck the halls with premium…

“Two Tickets To Paradise” — Eddie Money (Monday Music Mayhem: November 11, 2019)

“Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money is today’s entry to Monday Music Mayhem. This song is familiar to those who played the Grand Theft…


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