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Musings on Life, Self Awareness, Art, Spirituality, Poetry

Deborah Christensen

Seeker of Understanding/Meaning, Explorer of Spirit, Writer, Artist, Believer/Doubter, Dreamer, Introverted Communicator, Questioning it All

Brett Christensen

Blogger and hoax-slayer. I enjoy writing and photography and I’m passionate about learning new things.

Latest Posts

The Horror Of Never Being Able To Find You Again

Suddenly everything in my life started to feel meaningless and grey. The thought of you not being here just made me feel like I was losing…


Finding  pockets of joy  in life  again  amongst  our grief

What Hot Air Balloons Teach Us About Life

Are you the ‘envelope’ or the ‘wicker basket’?

Reflections from Jupiter [Poem]

A seal and I share Jupiter’s light.

Things I Learned Not to Do Thanks to Fairy Tale Princesses

Why My Disney Girls Need a Bit of Counseling

The Rhetorical Situation and Common Sense

There is no doubt that the tinderbox of the American Revolution existed long before Thomas Paine immigrated to the American colonies in…


Group Acceptance (A Poem)

Life is a Dream

life is a dream death an awakening birthed out of spirit our soul  cocooned  into flesh dying without breath we open our eyes and emerge…


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