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Latest Posts

How to Fail: a Resounding Success?

My thoughts on Elizabeth Day’s best-selling book

How to Get Cheap Books

I never pay full price for books


90 days into isolation

A Bend in a Road by Nicholas Sparks | Book Review

Romance is a sort of genre that I read when I want to escape the veil of heavy and serious literature. The thing about the romance novels…

“Delhi Is Not Far” by Ruskin Bond

Bond’s account of a small town makes you realize that not all distances are measured in kilometres

Why I Deleted my First Medium Article

After only 10 days and why you probably will too

You Didn’t Read the Book First?! You Heathen!

Can you watch movies without reading the book first? CAN YOU?

5 Top Resources for Beginning Travel Writers

Great starting points or add to your travel writing savvy

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje | Book Review

I cannot really fathom what goes through Michael Ondaatje’s mind. How can someone write such beautiful prose that leaves you breathless…

Nature Writing Essay Prompt

Daily images and questions to prime the memory and writing pump


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