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Latest Posts

React Has Built-In Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is a popular pattern that many frameworks implement — but not React. It turns out JSX is React’s dependency injection.

The Pitfalls of Async/Await in Array Loops

Using async/await while looping through arrays in Javascript loop seems simple, but there’s some non-intuitive behavior to look out for…

Testing React — an overview

Testing your frontend application has never been easier before. Within this article, I’ll explain different levels of testing your App!

How to Deep Clone an Array

Here are 2 ways to deep clone an array. For a quick & dirty way use the JSON methods. For a more robust way, go with Lodash…

Tracing or Debugging Vue.js Reactivity: The computed tree

With all the buzz about the next major release of Vue, there is plenty of intrigue surrounding announced features, one that caught my…

2 Ways to Merge Arrays in JavaScript

Here are 2 ways to combine your arrays and return a NEW array. Let’s look at how we do that using spread and concat…

Passing Arrays as Function Arguments

If you want to pass an array into a variadic function. You can use ES6 spread to turn that array into a list of arguments.

ES6 Arrow Functions Cheatsheet

Here’s a cheatsheet to show you the many ways to write your arrow functions…

Lazy Loading Video Based on Connection Speed

Save us all some bandwidth with this JavaScript method to lazy load videos based on a users connection speed.

Data Visualization Libraries for React Developers in 2019

For the second year in a row React stays among the top three most loved and acknowledged libraries by professional developers all around…


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