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How to Remove Array Duplicates in ES6

Let’s look at the 3 ways in ES6 to filter out duplicates from a JS array and return only the unique values. Using Set, Filter, and Reduce.


For the entire month of December, I posted DAILY code tidbits! 30 days straight of the very best JavaScript, HTML, and CSS snippets.

The top 12 Node Weekly links in 2018

Another year of Node Weekly means another roundup.

The most popular JavaScript Weekly links of 2018

Based on what over 150,000 readers clicked

The top 12 React links of 2018

⚛️ Looking back over the past twelve months

How to send Errors into Slack

Easy access to error logs

Functional JS #3: State

How do we think about application state in a functional way?

PostgreSQL with Nodejs

Most of the applications need at some point to persist data. It can be through files, local storage, cloud services or often databases. If…

Argh… So much React-Redux Boilerplate!

Please note: This assumes you are familiar with the flow of React & Redux. We are using the redux-saga middleware in our example. The…

From Native to JavaScript and back or trigger native components in React Native

If you are looking for how to bridge native components to JavaScript in React Native…


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