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Latest Posts

How to Build and Deploy a Full-Stack React-App

Complement your React-app with Express.js and DynamoDB.

Code Recipe: How to Reverse an Array in JavaScript

Here’s a Code Recipe to keep around if you need to reverse the order of the elements of an array…

How to Create a Navigation Bar With React-Router, Styled-Components, And Infrastructure-Components

This hands-on tutorial focuses on the functional parts of creating a navigation bar in React.

Do You Like React? Then Why Don’t You Configure Your Infrastructure With It?

Learn how you can use React for the configuration of your web-application

Building and composing factory functions

How to build a video game character creator service using factory functions.

String endsWith() Method in JavaScript

How to check if a string ends with another string in JavaScript…

How to format ESLint output

Playing with CLIEngine API

Flatten Array using Array.flat() in JavaScript

It was always complicated to flatten an array in JS. Not anymore! ES2019 introduced a new method that flattens arrays with Array.flat()


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