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Learn how to manage your leadership team, improve your self-awareness, and help your business scale. Essays for startup founders by CEO and mentor, Dave Bailey.

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Dave Bailey

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How to Prevent Team Disputes Before They Start

Setting these expectations for your team can reduce problems down the road

How to Help Your Team Collaborate

Don’t solve for the right answer — solve for team psychology.

How to Unlock Your Personal Advantage

The essential guide to reshaping your role so that every day becomes more energising and fulfilling.

How to Avoid Common Acqui-hire Mistakes

Acqui-hires can provide a soft landing for your tech startup team and return value to your shareholders. Here are a few tips for startup…

How to Take the Power Position on Your Board

According to Alex Hormozi, “Power is the ability to influence people or events. We can learn influence. Which means we can learn power.”…

Wartime CEO: Running a War Room (1 of 2)

If your company faces an existential threat, read this.

How to Win a High Stakes Negotiation

Landing a good deal requires more than tactics. The right mindset and positioning are key to getting what you want.

Six Ways to Improve Your Management Meetings

Do your team meetings feel superficial and boring? Try these strategies to increase engagement, improve communication, and clarify prioritie

How to Manage a Difficult Board Member

Investor relationships aren’t always champagne and ski trips.

The Art of Not Taking Things Personally

Why other people’s emotions might not be about you — and your emotions might not be about them


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