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The Art of Not Taking Things Personally

Why other people’s emotions might not be about you — and your emotions might not be about them

What Founders Can Learn from Outbound Sales Teams

The operational tactics that fuel repeatable sales processes have many applications for founders.

A Simple Way to Make Leadership Team Meetings Easier

If you’re trying to do too much, here’s a simple solution.

How to Design an Amazing Strategy Offsite

Successful strategy sessions tend to follow a common arc.

A Manager’s Guide to Holding Your Team Accountable

If you struggle to hold people to account, try this.

How to Help Founders Get Out of the Day-to-Day

One of the hardest parts of the journey from founder to CEO is to let go of the details.

How To Get People To Follow Through

Committing to an action isn’t enough

This Can Help Your Team Make Better Decisions

A consult-first approach to empowered decision-making.

Never Give Feedback In Slack

Save messaging for what it’s good at.

The Difference Between OKRs and KPIs

Which you use depends on your use-case.


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