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luca mezzalira

VP of Architecture at DAZN, Google Developer Expert and London JavaScript Community Manager, Author of Front-End Reactive Architectures: https://goo.gl/ywAmsx

Simon Coutts

Head of Software Development at Perform Group/DAZN

Maurizio Mangione

Developer Relations Advocate at DAZN, Google Developers Expert, Microsoft MVP, Milano JS and JS Girls founder. Rock climber, and n00b guitarist.

Latest Posts

Adding observability to your Webdriver.io / Cucumber JS end-to-end tests on the CI

The project I’ve recently been involved in at DAZN aims at enriching the viewer’s experience by providing them with Key Moments in the…


Reading luca mezzalira‘s articles about frontend architectures sparked some thoughts on the evolution of software architecture as I…

Identifying micro-frontends in our applications

I’ve always spent a lot of time reading, attending conferences, researching different topics and those learnings really helped me shape my…

PACT - Contract Testing: dealing with authentication on the Provider

PACT is a tool for Contract Testing — a type of integration testing that allows you to ensure services can communicate with each other…

Why we use Kinesis for Data Synchronisation

At DAZN we are currently migrating from an external monolith application towards microservices. In aid of this we are using canary…

What you should know about DynamoDB Global Tables and Streams

As mentioned in a previous blog post DAZN is a global sports streaming application that aims to provide a fluent, multi-region experience…

Jest: Our journey into performant unit tests

We recently migrated all of our unit tests from AVA to Jest. Our tests are 11 (eleven) times faster now that we are done.

Orchestrating micro-frontends

Following the previous posts on micro-frontends, it’s time to talk about the orchestrator layer for this architecture.

Adopting a Micro-frontends architecture

Considering the great feedback of the first post on micro-frontends and the questions received about the approach we are taking in DAZN, I…


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