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S. Novi

A journalist that worked in the media and continues to seek out truth and integrity. A liberal and one that is suspicious of cults and empty promises.

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“Dog whistle comments” have been around for a very long time. These are words or terms that may seem innocent enough to some that hear…

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I was born into a military family that was quietly, yet diligently patriotic. We didn’t wear clothes that depicted the American flag or…

What Will Be Next

When trump is removed From the White House?

Be Ready: People Will Deny That They Ever Supported Trump

There is an odd thing that happens when a group of people back the wrong side. As soon as a small amount of time passes, suddenly…

Be Prepared for trump’s Total Desperation

He Knows he is in Collapse

Trump is Toxic

Abuser, Stalker, Dominator, Dysfunctional, Predator

Mass Shootings and Moral Decay of USA

Assault Weapons Ban is Sensible Start to Curb Carnage

America, what have we become?

This op-ed was originally published in the Orlando Sentinel.


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