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Americans have a responsibility to be the guardians of our democracy–not just during an election but every day - President Barack Obama

Jonathan Sharpe

Writer, Editor and Guardian of Democracy

S. Novi

A journalist that worked in the media and continues to seek out truth and integrity. A liberal and one that is suspicious of cults and empty promises.

Latest Posts

Stopping trump from Being an Energy Vampire

He’s Sucking the Life Out of the Country

Jealous Rage Tweeting: The Behavior of a Man Baby

Spoiled children do this — mean girls and mean boys do this — those that think they are “entitled” do this — but someone that is carrying…

Brainwashing Propaganda — Same Speech, Different Cult

We have had two generations since Mussolini and Hitler were in power, and the tragedy is that the harsh and violent lessons learned during…

Rubbernecking The Wreckage Of Democracy

How to stop political rot.

What I Learned Rolling in the Mud with trump Supporters — No Surprise

Over the last eight months I have been researching trump supporters on a few social media sites. Since we already know that some of these…

Social Media is a Hate Haven for those with Mental Illness

The launch of social media was “supposed” to be a good thing, bringing communities and old friends and family together, and acting as a…

Liberals Need To STOP requiring that they Fall in Love with Candidates

It happens in almost every election, liberals begin to make their choices for a candidate known based solely on the charisma of the…

What We’ve Learned — And What MUST Change

Our brains like to compartmentalize everything so that topics, actions, and ideas make logical sense. However, when we come across…

The Court of Public Opinion will Get Rid of trump

I don’t know what happened to this country. We all knew that there was racism and bigotry in almost every area, but on the day of the…


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