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IBM Design

Designing an IBM that works together, works the same, and works for me (and you). Please check out our publication Design at IBM

Maranda Bodas

Content Lead & Strategist @ibmdesign | Inspired by thinkers and makers.

Allison Biesboer

I’m a content designer, content strategist, editor of the IBM Design Medium Publication. I am passionate about storytelling, puppies, and coffee.

Will Fanguy

Content designer at IBM. Podcaster, dog father, hockey fan, shameless nerd, GIF connoisseur.

Amanda Booth

content designer @ IBM

Karel Vredenburg

Director, IBM Global Design Leadership, Culture, External Engagement, & Academic Programs

Nicole Umphress

Illinois born. Texas based.

Caroline V Turner

Content Designer at IBM Z

Connor Leech

Building cool things with cool people. Fermenting weird things with my roommates. Building a brand at IBM Research. Words and ideas are my own.

Stephanie Boyls

Content designer at IBM

Polly Adams

designer + researcher / writer + doodler (

Robyn Johnson

Designer at IBM, happiest at the intersection of research + UX design + content, passionate about healthy teams, wife to Brice, follower of Jesus.

Kurt Bodden

UX designer and strategist in the SF Bay Area. Former industrial designer and comedian.

Justine Banbury

Content Strategist at IBM

Jessica Tremblay

Designer and Program Manager for @ibmdesign focused on Racial Equity in Design (


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