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Complements to the human condition.

James Buckhouse

Head of Design at Sequoia Capital and Founder of Ex-Twitter, Ex-Dreamworks. Guest lecturer at Stanford’s GSB and

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Seeing with Your Ears: Design and the Post-Visual Era

If you believe we are about to enter a post-visual era, where voice, gesture, and ML/AI guide our product experience just as much as the…

The 2300-year-old Secret to Better Design

Over two millennia ago, Aristotle created a reusable architecture that can help today’s innovators design everything from stories to AR…

Learn to Draw

If you can draw from your imagination, you can create the universe. But how to get started? Here’s a helpful list of resources for people…

Augmented Life

What will it mean to live in an AR world?


What if we could draw together by drawing together? Here’s how to do it.

Roll the Dieter Die

The next time you are in a design crit and the conversation gets out of control, roll the Dieter Die and reframe the critique around Dieter…

Designers at the Gates of Hell

Tall, thin, and bent like a paper clip, Danish designer Andreas Weiland sat folded up on the bench on the far end of the sculpture garden…

The Road to Sensorium

If we haven’t met, I’m James Buckhouse, artist/impresario and founder/host of SENSORIUM at the San Francisco Ballet. My dream is to combine…

Design is Not a Service

Learn from Hercules — The Horses Sh*t Too Quickly

If you can draw these three shapes, you can draw the Internet

Learn to draw what you mean; here’s how.


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