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Developers Channel - the thoughts, opinions and musings from members of the Chrome team.

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Paul Kinlan

Lead for Chrome and Web Developer Relations @ Google. Progressive Web Apps. Launched Web Fundamentals with Web Starter Kit. Mobile BadAss. Mr Web Intents.

Robert Nyman

Global Lead for Programs & Initiatives, Web Developer Relations, at Google. Helps developers in creating great things! Photos:

Matt Gaunt

(a.k.a Gaunt Face) @ Google

Paul Lewis

Googler and noodler of front end code.


Googler on the web. Internetrovert. Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere.

Rob Dodson

Developer Advocate @ Google.

Jake Archibald

Human boy.

Sam Thorogood

My articles here are for posterity only. I no longer recommend or use Medium.

Addy Osmani

Eng. Manager at Google working on Chrome • Passionate about making the web fast.

Chrome Developers

News for developers from the Google Chrome Developer Relations team.

Eric Bidelman

Engineer at Google working on Chrome, web components, and Polymer. Uses Digital Jedi skills to push the boundaries of the web. Go Blue.

Dan Dascalescu

Software engineer. Former Googler and Yahoo!. Founder @QSforum and @BlueseedProject. ♥ emergent tech, improv, acro yoga, life extension, 🏋️

Mustafa Kurtuldu

Design Advocate @google. I write code like I mix paint.

Eiji Kitamura

Chrome @ Google — Web Developer Relations team. Security, Privacy, Payment and Identity for the Open Web.

Pete LePage

A Developer Advocate on the Web team at Google, takin' the sharp edges off the newest tech and helping to make the web better for Devs and Users alike!

Alex Russell

Dragging the web platform into the mid-naughties, one spec at a time. Progressive Web Apps are my jam.

Sam Dutton

I am a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome. I maintain simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. South Australian, living in London.

Mariko Kosaka

Knitting some Javascript at Scripto : Co-organizer @brooklyn_js

Monica Dinculescu

✨Emojineer✨ on @polymer & @googlechrome. Looks like she will bite; usually doesn't. Unless you're pizza. I made @to_emoji, a 💯 🤖

Dave Gash

Dave is a retired technical publications specialist and has been a frequent speaker at User Assistance conferences around the world since 1998.

Jenny Gove

Born in the UK. Live in California. Work at Google.

Yohan Totting

Developer advocate of web and an urban cyclist.

Kate Jeffreys

Technical Writer at Google

Thomas Steiner

Web Developer Advocate at Google

Prashant Mishra

Mobile Technical Solutions Consultant @ Google


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