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How I Learned How To Program At 16 Years Old

My path for getting the superpower of — programming!

How Different Cultural Insights Intertwined With Scent Brand

From its origins to its many uses, perfume has been adorned by people since early civilization. People wear it to trigger hormone, to…

Secrets of Smart Devices — pt. 2

Let’s dive into how your personal information could be exposed.

Why Imposter Syndrome is Not a Bad Thing

How imposter syndrome can be a propeller for success in a fast-evolving world of tech

Abuse isn’t an “advising style”: The consequences of MIT sheltering abuse behind mentorship

The notification of an email, the buzzing of a text, or the unexpected call sent me into a spell of anxiety.

What it’s like to work at a prestigious Art Museum

And everything unexpected that I’ve learned in the process.

Open sourcing Layoutit Grid

Interactive CSS Grid generator powered by Vue 3

Code like a girl… Stop the Stigma!

When I started my career as a developer, I was 21. It was a startup and we were five programmers, four men and a woman, me!

Black, White, or Brown: the Power of Stories can heal us all.

The opposite of criminalization is humanization.

Welcome to Cardinal Ventures 2.0

This Stanford student-run, nonprofit accelerator is back and better than ever.


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