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Two years of Awesomeness

Celebrating my second year anniversary at ShiftLeft

Can’t Find Love, Have Google Do It For You

50% of marriages end in divorce, can Google do better?

Spilling the Chai

On Growing Up Indian in America

How To Build Android Apps With Node JS Using Android JS

Built android apps with JavaScript, HTML and CSS based on Node JS

You Can’t Copy/Paste Privacy

We’re using the same templates for privacy we had when MySpace was still a thing. It’s probably time for a change.

Why Disney+ is a Game Changer

Not too long ago, the Walt Disney Company announced that they would be creating a new streaming service. It was rumored to be a catalogue…

Why I Venmo’d My Fiancé for My Engagement Ring

Engagement rings started off as a sexist custom. We need to rethink the economics behind the practice.

28 Relevant Javascript Interview Questions Part 1 of 7

A little perspective For the past 12 years, I have been on both sides of the Front End Interview table. Sadly though, the emphasis is…

LBC doesn’t understand science reporting: examining the ‘Killer Full English’report

A recent news report regarding the connection between red meat and cancer illustrates common mistakes made when reporting science.


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