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The Business Model of the Internet is Fraud.

Want to get on the front page of Reddit? Well, if you time it right, it should only cost you about 20 bucks.

You Don’t Need A Crazy Life To Be A Successful Writer

Sometimes, all it takes is a little honesty.

You can now remotely control another person’s mind — over the internet.

As bizarre as it may sound, remote control of the brain may be here to stay — what will it mean for us?

A set of skills for Data Scientist

What a Data Scientist should prioritize ?

Is the Gym Where You’ll Get Your Best Fitness Results?

Are you ready to take the fitness plunge but unsure where to start? Your new exercise routine might be in your very own living room.

On-the-Spot Drawing

Let’s say you are sitting in the subway, minding your own business, scrolling on your phone and then you look up. Someone is scribbling in…

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but Talent Acquisition isn’t about hiring people…

Hands up if you have uttered any of the following phrases in a fit of despair and frustration:


When a (wo)man loves an iPhone.

GPG for dummies

Mastering GPG in less than 5 minutes


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