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My recommended reading list for (aspiring) entrepreneurs

The following list contains books that I read and found useful during my 9-year journey with Smove. These books might not be as applicable…

4 Tips to Build a Successful Distributed Agile Team

One principle behind Agile manifesto states that having face-to-face communication is the most efficient and effective method of conveying…

Product Manager vs Product Marketing Manager vs Product Owner

In this article, you will find the clear line distinction between these 3 similar roles with an hypothetical case study.

The Danger of a Borrowed Vision

It’ll end up being a lesson

WeChat updates video function to woo the short-video market

Although developed in mainland China, TikTok barely reminds its users of the Orwellian-style content control that the Western world shuns…

Why you shouldn’t stop learning (and specially at this time)

We’re going pass through tough times, and no one expected this to happen in all the timeline of our lifes. But here you are: learning new…

How Promoting Cause Can Reduce Employee Turnover

As a leader who has been on the ground floor of 6 ventures, a non-profit, and a justice movement, I can say that leadership is truly an…

3 reasons why hospitals need to transform care delivery now!

The COVID-19 pandemic has stalled our economic engine. Healthcare has suffered as much as any industry… But why is transformation needed?

What 23 Year Olds Who Have Never Had Renters Insurance Think About Lemonade’s Upcoming IPO

Lemonade (LMND) is an insurance “startup” that is set to go public this Thursday, July 2nd, right before the long weekend. The company…

What is Alt Text Anyway?

Alt text might be an afterthought, but it serves some very important functions.


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