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A Perfect Storm for Conspiracies: Confirmation Bias & Algorithms

There’s no denying that 2020 was the year of the conspiracy… but why is that?

In 2021, What Should We Attend To?

When I’m stressed, I read poetry. Sometimes it is a balm, sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it provides startling clarity about how to…

Livestock Farms Gone Forever?

Introduction to acellular and cellular agriculture and its potential to revolutionize the farming industry

I quit Comcast/Xfinity because the company became greedier during the pandemic

In March of 2020, Xfinity sent me home with my desk supplies, personal belongings, computer, monitor and earbuds. Covid-19 was raging and…

3 Tips to Make Your Dreams a Reality

There is power in small accomplishments

Connect a Custom GoDaddy Domain to your Netlify Site

I recently built a static website for a close friend and spent more time than I would like to admit trying to connect her website (hosted…

This is happening again.

Most people in my network don’t know where my family came here from; I have not hidden this information, but I’ve not fully contemplated…

What are you EATing in 2021?

How many times did you bake banana bread or pancakes in 2020? Our data at Locals Talk shows that banana bread tops the list of most…

Behind Every Great Fighter Is a Seasoned Cornerman

Mine just happens to be 4000 miles away

Lessons From Aaron Sorkin About Parenting During A Pandemic

As the pandemic drags on and fresh new streaming options like Tiger King and The Last Dance have faded into memory, many of us are turning…


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