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5 Important Lessons I Learned From My Harvard Education

And why you don’t have to go to Harvard to learn them

Swift & Android Facebook SDK Login error

Facebook SDK sometimes returns unclear error code and error messages. One of them is 1675030 — query error (user is NOT a tester).

What’s breaking “news” in 2019?

This year on February 14th, the day we celebrate the spirit of love, the New York Post reported that over 15,000 media jobs were axed in…

To Tech Startups: NO, Chaos is not Part of the Game.

“Chaos is NOT a condition of doing business.” — Karen Martin

4 Types of Useless Feedback for Writers

How to recognize toxic feedback, even from well-meaning readers.

Chess & Startups — Analogy

“Every chess master was once a beginner”

Coming Of Age During the Great Recession

Or how I learned that there are no guarantees in life

Mansplaining Motherhood

Today, I received a letter from the Patriarchy.

How I created a physical Sketch Panel to enhance my Design System thinking

I prototyped a tactile gadget, expressing my love for Sketch and the community plugins but also to streamline my Design System process.

The Tech Bootcamp Experience

Not long ago, I’ve been a part of the first Female Bootcamp in Macedonia organized by Adeva. The purpose was :


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