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Is it Self-Righteous or Racist?

George Floyd’s drug use is somehow different than our own.

Robots Can’t Swear

The trend of automation, AI and robots is good for all things productivity, but what if I don’t give a fuck about productivity? What if i…

Guerrilla Entrepreneur

I’m a solo entrepreneur (now with a small team). I write the software, do the marketing, mop the floors. I attend no meetings. I need…

How Did a Tire Company Become the Authority on Fine Dining?

The Michelin Guide determines a restaurant's worth — but that wasn’t the original intent

Understanding that successful pre-seed & seed fundraising is efficiency game: when ‘spray and…

Designing a sophisticated, focused fundraising strategy is a stepping stone towards a startup’s success

Data Science With KNIME, Jupyter, and Tableau Using COVID-19 Projections as an Example

Combine the power of KNIME, Jupyter and Tableau to get a better understanding of the question: How will COVID-19 spread in different…

Social media KPIs don’t have to be frustrating.

What nobody tells you about establishing social media KPIs.

My Son, the Organ Donor

In the wee hours of a dark January morning in 2020, I got the call that changed everything. Every parent’s nightmare. My chest burned as…


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