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Paul Dughi

VP/General Manager at WAAY-TV & AudiencePop, named one of Broadcasting and Cable’s Digital All-Stars “On the front lines of transforming the broadcast industry”

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Tech Companies Under the Microscope by Govern

Facebook facing a proposed $5 billion fine; market reacts by adding $10 billion in market value

Does your B2B website attract buyers? Apparently not

How effective is your website for building awareness and consideration? Most people would say it’s pretty good. In fact, the majority of…

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple May All Be Facing Investigations

The last few days have seen a flurry of activity and put four of the biggest tech companies in the world in the sights of regulators.

Justice Department Investigation into Google: What We Know

Facebook’s gotten a lot of attention lately by legislators and regulators, but now the attention is shifting towards Google.

TV reamins the dominant medium

Despite all the talk about cord cutting, streaming, social media, and digital marketing, it’s easy to forget that TV remains the dominant…

Restaurants Are Spending Significantly More on Digital Ads

A new study shows that independent restaurants are dramatically increasing their spending on digital advertising. Within the last year, 68…

Facebook Is Changing the Way It Ranks Video

Facebook is changing the way it ranks video on its social media platform. Three factors that will impact video rankings and affect…

Spending too much time on social media? Do this instead

Time is our most valuable resource

Where do receptionists jobs fit in the future of work?

When I moved out of my parents’ home at age 19, I was a sophomore at New York University with no savings to my name and very limited work…

Ever Wonder Why Posts Show up in Your Facebook Feed? Inside Look at the Algorithm

Ever wonder why certain posts show up in your Facebook feed and others never do? Facebook is hoping to be able to give you some insight…


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