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Exploring topics of interest for organizations undergoing digital adoption, such as: digital transformation, training and onboarding, user experience, and the customer experience.


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Madeleine Truitt

Social media manager & content creator at WalkMe.

Latest Posts

Visionary Leadership is Not Just for CEOs

A clear company vision is the constant ability to see through the clouds to the blue sky above. It is the fundamental way for a company to…

How to Manage Digital Transformation Across Different Generations

Digital transformation is not about technology, it’s about people.

Five Employee Engagement Statistics Anyone Should Know

It is no secret that employee engagement is at the forefront of most organizations priorities. Leaders understand that business results…

Redefining Mentorship for the Digital Age

When we think about traditional “mentorship,” a few images may pop into our heads. In one, we picture sitting in a coffee shop with…

5 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Contribute To Employee Engagement

The ability to leverage data, particularly as it relates to ‘predicting the future’ is an exciting avenue that probably has more questions…

How To Use Chatbots In Your Onboarding Experience

The first 100 days of an employee’s journey in an organization are the most important.

How to Build the Perfect CS Team

If you enter “companies with the best customer service,” into any search engine, a few contenders consistently top the list. The ones that…

3 Challenges New Hires Face and How You Can Help

Remember when the biggest challenge of being the new kid was deciding which table to sit at for lunch?

How to create digital wellness in the workplace

Here’s a challenge: for a period of one week, employees need to be device free (no laptop, mobile device, tablet).

5 silent killers of employee productivity and how to overcome them

In a rapidly changing world that is obsessed with the creation of new information, remaining productive is almost a seemingly impossible…


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