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Chief Robot Hamster. Eater of cheeses.

Stanislav Vishnevskiy

CTO @ discordapp.com


Self-proclaimed Wizard of all things @discordapp


Advises you to restart your device @discordapp

Mark Smith

Director of Infrastructure at Discord


I like pizza and sleeping.

Latest Posts

Get Hyped! The Partner & Verified Server Programs are BACK!

It’s been nearly a year since the Partner & Verified Server programs were paused to new applicants. Since then, we’ve gotten daily…

Discord is for Your Communities

Five years ago, we started Discord as a better way for you and your friends to talk while playing games together. At the time, we assumed…

Tune into Discord with Krisp noise suppression on iOS and Android

You’ve been sitting at your computer for too long so you decide to take a walk. But you don’t wanna stop talking with your friends, so you…

How Discord Made Android In-App Navigation Easier

When Discord first started as a desktop app, the fastest way to make Discord available on Android and iOS involved copying the desktop…

Your Place to Talk

Video games are about people. They have the power to bring together people, from different walks of life, from different parts of the…

Our stand on racial equality

All of us at Discord were horrified by George Floyd’s murder. We are horrified by the murder of Breonna Taylor, of Rayshard Brooks, of…

How Discord Communities Celebrate Pride

On Monday, we launched our annual Pride fundraiser. So far, we’ve raised over $66,000 for the LGBTQ Freedom Fund thanks to everyone’s help…

What Pride Means at Discord

Pride and racial justice aren’t mutually exclusive.

Why Discord Still Maintains a Browser-Only Experience

Five years ago, Discord launched as just a browser app. No desktop app, no phone. Some of you may be gasping at this ancient secret.

Wave Hello to Server Video

After a few weeks of roll-out, Server Video chat is finally available to everyone on desktop, web, and iOS, with Android coming soon. With…


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