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Latest Posts

We’ve Moved! Visit Our New Blog Home at discord.com/blog

We’ve got some exciting plans for the future of our blog. Follow us at discord.com/blog to stay in the loop about future posts.

Ten Tips to Help Your College Club Bloom on Discord

Whether your club lives on Discord, you use Discord as a supporting tool for an IRL club, here are ten tips to help your server succeed.

Discover Your Next Favorite Campus Club in Student Hubs

With so many ways students are using Discord, it can be hard to find servers for your campus. Student Hubs are here to help.

Eight Educational Communities To Further Your Field of Study

Whether you’re looking to ace a class or dive into a new hobby, these eight communities can help you master your field of interest.

How Three Discord Communities Found Success in Stage Events

Three great communities are here to share their experiences, plus some tips for hosting your own successful Stage events.

Nitro Users Now Get an Enhanced Video Experience with Three Months of YouTube Premium

We’ve put together a deal with another amazing streaming service: YouTube Premium.

An Update on Racial Equity at Discord Through Inclusion, Diversity and Purpose Efforts

Our work to prevent Discord from being used for hate and violence is never done. It’s vital that we continue to hold ourselves accountable.

Brush Up On Your Mod Know-How With New DMA Articles

The Mod Academy gains over fifteen new articles, going over even more topics to help you bring your moderating game to the next level.

Connect the Conversation with Threads on Discord

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new home for all those winding discussions happening in your communities: Threads!

Meet the Discord Users Who Imagined a Place

Let’s talk about you, the community who inspired the entire Imagine a Place project and Discord — The Movie (2021).


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