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Latest Posts

Meet the Discord Users Who Imagined a Place

Let’s talk about you, the community who inspired the entire Imagine a Place project and Discord — The Movie (2021).

Resources for Celebrating Pride Throughout The Year

Discord’s Pride ERG would like to share knowledge, resources, and information to help support LGBTQIA+ communities any day of the year.

Unleash Your Creativity with Stickers on Discord

We’re reintroducing Stickers to Discord and giving you ways to incorporate your own sets of stickers within your communities.

Discord & GitHub Help Make Online Hackathons Easier for Everyone

Discord has joined forces with GitHub and Major League Hacking to produce the ultimate easy-to-use environment for running hackathons.

Pride Month Activities Around Discord and The World

We’ve got the scoop on a ton of amazing community events, a new bot, and some appropriately proud artwork.

Pushing the Boundaries of Discord: Sabotage Studio’s Server Experience

Sabotage Studio will take you through their journey of leveraging Discord’s toolset to build the best community experience on the platform.

Discover the Next Great Community in Stage Discovery

Back in March, we rolled out Stage channels, a new type of Channel in Discord specially designed for audio events where a few users are…

Celebrating Pride Month with GLSEN

We’re marching throughout June under a statement of purpose: Stronger Together.

Announcing our Latest Profile Badge: the Certified Discord Moderator

The Certified Discord Moderator badge rewards the unsung heroes who go above and beyond and make communities on Discord what they are.

How Trust & Safety Addresses Violent Extremism on Discord

We dive into our history with violent extremists on the platform and how our response has improved since the 2017 Charlottesville incident.


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