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Latest Posts

Why not 90/10?

TL;DR — In 2019, the Discord store will allow all developers to self-publish games with a 90/10 revenue split.

Discord Snowsgiving 2018: TASTING MENU

We’re excited to announce our biggest, hypest, most appropriately named in regards to the time of year event yet: Snowsgiving 2018! Time…

Minion Masters Snowsgiving Tournament Rules and Prizing

In the spirit of winter and spending time with those close to you, we wanted to spend a little more time with all of you! That’s why we…

11.20.18 — Discord Nitro Gets Five Adult Swim Games

Get ready to TOON UP for Thanksgiving weekend with our latest Nitro drop of five Adult Swim games! There are real fake operating systems…

Discord Early Access games are now live!

More and more, developers are looking to involve their community in the game development process. By looping the community in early and…

11.12.18 — New Nitro Games!

In the spirit of being productive, we proudly present you with THREE NEW GAMES in Nitro to help you procrastinate for the rest of the week.

Nitro Game Additions — 10.25.18

Spoop yourself but don’t poop yourself! It’s almost Halloween so we’ve added some games to Nitro for your spooky enjoyment 👻

Terms of Service Feedback and Changes

We’ve received a lot of feedback about our recent Terms of Service update. As always, community feedback is incredibly important to us, so…

Discord Store Global Beta Is Live!

Starting today, all Discord users will have access to our store beta. Our evolved Nitro subscription is also available.

Discord Nitro is Evolving

We began rolling out Discord Nitro games beta to more users and we received some great feedback. As always, community feedback is super…


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