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Latest Posts

Discord Transparency Report: July — Dec 2020

2020 was a year of rapid growth for Discord. We’re pleased to bookend our reporting the year with information on the second half of 2020.

Best Practices for Starting a Great Community on Discord

Whether your server with your closest friends has evolved into something much bigger, or you’re aiming to start a great community from the…

Captivate Your Community with Stage Channels

We’ve been working to help empower your server to more easily run audio events. Enter the limelight with our newest feature: Stage…

Starting Your First Discord Server

What even is a Discord server, and why use it over a private chat? We’ll explain the benefits and how to get your conversations organized.

Inside 8-bit Music Theory’s Growing Video Game Soundtrack Server

Looking for like-minded folks to talk about enjoying or creating game music with? There’s no place like the 8-bit Music Theory community.

Slash Commands are Here!

Bots add incredible value to servers. Today, we’re launching Slash Commands to help dramatically improve the bot experience for everyone.

Resources Against Hate and Discrimination Towards the AAPI Community

Discord has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination that extends beyond our platform. We stand with our AAPI employees and communities.

Discord Welcomes Tomasz Marcinkowski as New CFO

We’re thrilled to announce that Tomasz (Tom) Marcinkowski has joined Discord as Chief Financial Officer. Tom will lead our financial…

Raising Funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Discord’s partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of International Women’s Day.

How Discord’s College Ambassadors Helped Clubs Stay Close

Discord recruited university students to help campus clubs create servers to hang out in, plan events, and keep in touch with one another.


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