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Chief Robot Hamster. Eater of cheeses.

Stanislav Vishnevskiy

CTO @ discordapp.com


Self-proclaimed Wizard of all things @discordapp


Advises you to restart your device @discordapp

Mark Smith

Director of Infrastructure at Discord


I like pizza and sleeping.

Latest Posts

Building on our momentum

By Jason and Stan

Building open-source design tools to improve Discord’s design workflow.

With the release of the Figma plugin API last year, the design team at discord saw an exciting opportunity.

Resources for Navigating Through Seasonal Depression

In this new world where we’re all stuck inside most of the day, this upcoming winter will be exceptionally tough. Travel you were excited…

How Discord Implemented App-Wide Keyboard Navigation

We believe that Discord is for everyone — which is why we’ve been hard at work this year to improve the accessibility of our apps. We’ve…

Community Spotlight: Domi + JD Beck

It’s time for the latest Community Spotlight: a showcase of some of the best and most unique servers across Discord.

The Biggest Snowsgiving Celebration to date starts NOW

Cozy up in a blanket, grab your hot cocoa, and embrace the season of giving as Snowsgiving 2020 is finally upon us!

Fostering a Thriving, Partner-Worthy Community on Discord

We plan to update this blog with even more advice and pointers as new app features and programs are introduced. Any changes will be…

Discord is Where Creativity Shines

Out of the many servers you’ll discover exploring Discord, some of the most active are dedicated to art and creativity. No matter what…

Peeling Back the Wrapping on Stickers

Since the beginning, adding value to the lives of our users and incorporating user feedback have been the two core pillars of our product…

Discord Saves Halloween

Once a year on a dark and stormy night, the world’s most frightful fears, horrifying haunts, and scariest of skeletons roam the streets…


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