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We believe joy is the engine that powers all the best ideas. We’re designing an elegant and intuitive way of working, so you can love the way you work. More on https://dropbox.design.

Kurt Varner

Design Director at Dropbox. Advisor for startups. Rooting for the underdog.

Michelle Morrison

All cream, no sugar. Building with Dropbox Design.

Andrea Drugay

Writer and editor in SF. UX Writing manager @Dropbox. Lover of all things healthy and wise. Sign up for my newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/andreadrugay

Tiffani Jones Brown

Writer, editorial director at Dropbox, and recovering stress-case. Previously at Pinterest and Facebook.

Latest Posts

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Failure Minded

Recently at Dropbox we took a company-wide survey that revealed a consistent theme — people are afraid to fail. But, why is failure such a…

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Two years ago, a few of us on the research team at Dropbox set out to better understand the qualities of highly collaborative teams. We…

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​​I live and breathe music. The moment I’m out the door in the morning I’m finding the album or playlist that I’ll be listening to on my…

When speeding up means slowing down

Lessons in running thoughtful growth experiments

Introducing I Love Your Work: a new event series from Dropbox

The Dropbox Brand Studio recently kicked off I Love Your Work, a semi-regular event series dedicated to creative appreciation and good…


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