Classics without fragility.

Donna Zuckerberg

Silicon Valley-based Classics scholar. Editor of Eidolon.

Yung In Chae

Writer and Editor-at-Large of Eidolon. Pronounced opposite of old, opposite of out.

Tara Mulder

Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of British Columbia, Board Member of @eidolon_journal

Sarah Scullin

Classicist, Writer, Mother. Managing Editor of Eidolon. Finisher of 95% of projects, 100% of the time.

Tori Lee

Assistant Editor at Eidolon, PhD student at Duke

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Today marks the end of the publication of new content on Eidolon. I hope that its closure doesn’t diminish what we accomplished in the…

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A Farewell to Eidolon

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Something that I’ve never admitted in writing: when I started working at Eidolon, I was the most depressed that I have ever been in my…


Some of The Editors’ Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Memories

To Better Days

I am told, by my friends at Medium, that my first Eidolon post was published May 16th, 2016, a little more than a year after Eidolon was…

Eidolon Is Dead. Long Live Eidolon.

Within minutes of the news of Eidolon’s demise, social media flooded with testimony to the life it breathed into classics. Who could have…

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