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Expanding the influence of literature in popular culture.

Halimah Marcus

Executive Director, Electric Lit, Inc. , Editor-in-chief, Electric Literature's Recommended Reading

Kelly Luce

Author of HANA SASAKI GROWS A TAIL & a novel, PULL ME UNDER (@fsgbooks.) Harvard @radinstitute fellow. 四国, やった, veggies, flying discs. Essays ed. @ElectricLit

Anu Jindal

Contributing editor, Film & Television: electricliterature.com

Jess Zimmerman

Ironic points of light.

Jennifer Baker

Writer/Editor; creator, Minorities in Publishing podcast; editor of EVERYDAY PEOPLE (2018, Atria Books); 2017 NYSCA/NYFA Fellow. Website: jennifernbaker.com

Erin Bartnett

Staff Writer @ Electric Lit, Fiction Editor @ American Chordata, Reader everywhere else. twitter:@erinkbart

Andy Hunter

Publisher at @catapultstory & @thelithub, co-founder of @electriclit

Leah Johnson

Leah Johnson is a fiction writer and essayist whose work is centered on the miracle and magic of black womanhood. You can find her on Twitter @byleahjohnson.

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