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Dave Schools

Startup journalist appearing in Inc., CNBC, Axios, Business Insider. Creator of https://mediumwritingcourse.com. CEO of Party Qs app. dave@businessbrewers.com

Latest Posts

How to Quit Your Job and Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom (6 Steps)

Having a single employer is risky and probably holding you back. Here’s the roadmap to build wealth doing what you love.

Raising Seed Funding From a Traditional VC Is Harder Than Ever. Here’s Why

The data and story behind the splitting VC industry

How This Engineer Built a Successful Robotics Company

The “Zero to One” Story of Gecko Robotics with Y Combinator, $9 Million, and Lessons from Founder Jake Loosararian

Sandwich Video’s Adam Lisagor: How to Make the Best Video for Your Startup

5 Expert Tips to Make a Company Video that Viewers Will Want to Share

11 Smart Ideas to Make More Side Income With a Little Extra Cash

The last one is the least intuitive but studies show it’s the most effective

9 Simple Truths For All Small Business Owners

Being a business owner is not easy.

How to Form a Successful Software Development Team

A primer for decision-makers and project managers

7 Questions That Lead to an ‘Aha Moment’, According to Research

How entrepreneurs dream up game-changing ideas


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