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Dave Schools

Startup journalist appearing in Inc., CNBC, Axios, Business Insider. Creator of https://mediumwritingcourse.com. CEO of Party Qs app. dave@businessbrewers.com

Latest Posts

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How I traded the Big Stage for Demo Day

What We Learned From Analyzing 100+ Startup Pitch Decks

We looked at presentations from AirBnB and Tinder to Uber and YouTube across various rounds of funding

I Read the 509-Page Book That Warren Buffett Credits for Teaching Him How to Generate Wealth

There’s one story in the 1936 book that explains how the billionaire came to be.

How My Distraction-Free iPhone Changed Everything

I have wasted a total of 0 hours and 0 minutes on my phone this year.

The Humble Way to Get Rich

Unlearn your wealth-rejecting habits and focus on what’s left

8 Brutally Honest Lessons From Growing My Coaching Business From $0 to $6k+, in 2 Months

You can charge as much as you want, as long as you believe it

How to Turn $50 Into $8,000 in Your First Month of Freelancing

With $50 in my pocket and only one month to find work, I turned my passion into a hustle which landed me gigs worth $8000 in just thirty…

appear.in rebranded to Whereby and I believe it’s a naming mistake

The case for brand names users can “verbify”

How to Launch a Tech Startup Without a Tech Background

Everyday someone has a great idea and everyday someone abandons that idea because they have no clue where to start


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