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Dave Schools

Mktg at Hopin. Bylines in CNBC, BI, Inc., Trends, Axios, et al. Creator of https://mediumwritingcourse.com and Party Qs app.

Michael Thompson

Co-creator of 2 boys with my dream girl • Career coach • Featured in Business Insider, Fast Co, MSN, & Forbes • Join 37,000 others by following along.

Amardeep Parmar

Rethinking self-improvement with mindfulness╰☆╮ Co-Editor of Entrepreneur’s Handbook ╰☆╮ amardeep.substack.com

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3 Crucial Sales Lessons Most Digital Entrepreneurs Learn Too Late

#3 Spending time on people is more profitable than spending money on ads

You Might Lose Your Google Drive Files This Summer

Google’s new storage policy says that if you hadn’t logged in to Gmail, Drive or Photos in the last two years, they ‘may’ delete your files…


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