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Stories and ideas from designers that challenge the workplace status quo.

Wells Riley

Design at @envoy

Jon Rundle

Product Designer @envoy, founder @trebleapps. Follow me on Twitter: @jonrundle

Amy Devereux

Visual designer

Tina Xu

Product design girl

Katie Riley

Product Designer with serious opinions about things.

Kelly Wahlstrom

Designer by the way of dance.

Latest Posts

Designers discuss imposter syndrome

Early in my design career, I wanted to learn more about user experience design, but I was only one of two UI designers at a small startup…

How to illustrate when you can’t draw to save your life

A personal tale with practical tips

Meet Jon Rundle, Sr. Product Designer

Recently I had the chance to sit down with one of Envoy’s first product designers, Jon Rundle. We chatted about his process, love for his…

Saying goodbye to “Good enough”

One of the great debates of any cross-functional product team is “are we ready to ship?” Design wants to get that last little pixel detail…

Behind the scenes of our film “The Smarter Workplace” with Jen and Colin from Oddfellows

I recently sat down with Jen Szeto and Colin Trenter of the animation studio Oddfellows to talk about the production of “The Smarter…

How to design an accessible color scheme

This used to be the color scheme for Envoy’s web dashboard.

Becoming the first design manager

As I was transitioning to management at Envoy, I would say “Those who can’t do, teach” as a self-deprecating joke when among my former…

How I Learned to Stop Self-Sabotaging Design Critiques

I’ve had a somewhat adversarial relationship with design critiques throughout my career. I would sometimes take feedback personally…

The first-time content strategist’s survival guide

I’ll often do this thing where I become fascinated with a burgeoning field of work — let’s say content strategy. I promptly get a job in…

Redesigning the core Envoy experience

Back in 2013, the first version of Envoy visitor registration was built. Over that time there’s been a lot of incremental improvements made…


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