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How Bad Would Another Trump Presidency Be, The Distress of American Life, and…

Hi! How’s everyone? That’s Snowy grinning at you and saying hi.

Why American Democracy’s (Still) On the Brink

Hi!! How’s everyone? I miss you guys.

American Collapse, the Modern Crisis of Being, And…

What We’ve Been Discussing Lately at The Issue

The Crisis Marketing Doesn’t Know It’s In

A Little Case Study in How Not to Think About the 21st Century

The State of American Collapse, a Turning Point in Human History, and…

Hi. How’s everyone? I miss you guys! And so does Snowy. Maybe that’s why he’s hiding under the table and grinning.


Founded by renowned thinker and author, Umair Haque, Eudaimonia & Co. is a boutique management consultancy with a distinct vision. At the…

Why Our Civilization’s in Crisis, This Age of Conflict, Trauma, & Pain, And…

Hi! How’s everyone? That’s Snowy saying hi, too. (I know it’s ridiculous to use a picture like that with a title like this, but look at…

Why Trumpism Isn’t Going Away, The Taboo of Civilizational Collapse, And…

Hi, everyone. How are you? That’s little scruffy Snowy in his funny yellow raincoat saying hi.


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