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Life During the Age of Extinction — And How It’ll Change

What It’s Going to Feel Like as the Planet Turns Against Us

Why Are People So Pessimistic About the Economy? Because…It Sucks

How Many People Think Things Are Doing Well? Go Ahead and Guess

What the Age of Extinction Means…for You

How the World Is Changing — And Will Change — As We Cross Into the Next Phase of Extinction

This Is the Extinction Economy — Some of Us Just Don’t Know It Yet

California Just Became Uninsurable. Are We Getting the Message Yet?

You Call It “Florida,” I Call It “The Problem of Extinction Age Fascism”

What Do Politics Gone Haywire in an Age of Extinction Look Like? Take a Hard Look at Florida, and Then the World

If It Feels Like Our Societies Are in Decline, That’s Because They Are

What the Surest Sign of Decline Is, And Why It Matters

What the Next US Presidential Election Is (Really) About

It’s Funny To Hear Trump Compare DeSantis to Hitler. But It’s Funny for a Reason.

The Age of Hyper-Trauma

Why Just Existing in an Age Like This Is Pervasively Traumatic

Can Brexit Britain Salvage Anything of Its Destroyed Future?

Brexit Was a Tale of Folly in Three Acts — And the Third Is Just Beginning

Why We’re Underestimating How Much Trouble Democracy’s (Really) In

I Hate To Break This to You, But Our Civilization’s Having a Democratic Implosion


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