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How Corbynism (Catastrophically) Bungled the Most Crucial Election in a Lifetime

How Radical Chic Took Over from Real-World Politics, The Adults Were Kicked Out of the Room, and the Children Burned Down the House

The Night I Watched a Society Die

A Little Reflection on The UK’s Catastrophic Election, and What it Means to Me

Why the End of the World is the Most Valuable Thing in the World, According to Capitalism.

Why The End of the Planet, Life, and Civilization Is Now (Literally) The Most Valuable Thing in the Capitalist World, Ever.

How the Beautiful Idea of a (Truly) Modern Society is Dying

If It Feels Like We’re Living in a Medieval Neo-Fascist Dystopia, That’s Because It’s Exactly What We’re Plummeting Backwards Into

(How) America’s Fascist Collapse is Going Global

Why Capitalism is Imploding into Fascism Around the World Now, not just America (Or, the Pattern Hidden Inside the World’s Neofascist Wave)

This is How a Society Dies

America and Britain are Textbook Examples of a New, Gruesome Phenomeon: Rich Nations Self-Destructing Into Poor Failed States

How Team Warren Blew It (And How to Get it Back)

Why Elizabeth Warren Lost Her Lead to Two of the Most Mediocre White Dudes Since Ron Burgundy

Why this Election is the US’s (and UK’s) Last Chance

(Why) This Election Will Decide Whether the US and UK Become Permanently Poorer Societies and Failing States

Why American and Britain are Self-Destructing

How The Death Spiral of a Rich Society Begins With Austerity, and Ends With Poverty, Despair, and Collapse

Why the (True) Price of Brexit Will be the NHS

Why Brits are About to Discover the Brutality of American Capitalism, the Hard Way (Or, You Can Have Brexit or the NHS — But Not Both)


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