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The Last Prosecutor From the Nuremberg Trials Says We’re Committing Crimes Against Humanity

Kids in Cages. Concentration Camps. Raids. These are Bona Fide Fascism. Is Anyone Listening to History?

The Democrats Need to Stop Appeasing and Start Opposing

The Extreme Right Had a Project to Break the Democrats’ Spirit With Violence and Hate. It Succeeded. Can it Be Undone?

The Worst Person In America is Its President. What The?

(How) America’s President is Such a Terrible Person It Beggars Belief

Why Didn’t Americans Take Fascism Seriously Until it Was Too Late?

Or, The Price of Grandiose National Myths of Exceptionalism

What Kind of People Are We Becoming?

Three Facts Every American Should Know — And One Question Everyone Should Ask Themselves

The Majority of Americans Die in Debt. What The?

How America Became the World’s First Poor Rich Country

How Social Darwinism Destroyed America From the Inside

Or, What Happens When the Average Person Believes in the Survival of the Fittest?

America’s Invisible Depression

(Why We Don’t Get That) America’s Been Ripped Apart by a New Great Depression

The World’s First Poor Rich Country

How Predatory Capitalism Left Americans Without Capital — Poor, Broke, and Desperate

What The Next Wave of Innovation Should Be

Or, Why This was a Lost Decade for Innovation


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