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The Triumph of the American Idiot

What Does a Society Run By and For Idiots Look Like? America, 2020.

If the Future is Like the Present, Our Civilization Will Collapse

Why the 21st Century is Going to be the Most Dramatic and Disruptive One of All

The Future Sucks. Can We Fix It?

2020 Isn’t an Anomaly. It’s a Tiny Taste of the Future.

How the American Idiot Made America a Failed State

While Trump Golfs, the Nation is Descending into Death, Depression, and Chaos

It’s Not that I’m Negative, America Really is Screwed

Why Economics Says America’s Collapse is Probably Irreversible Now

The Implosion of the American Economy

How America Now Faces Economic Disaster Unprecedented in Modern History

The Rise of the American Idiot

Why the Rest of the World Doesn’t Know Whether to Be Baffled, Horrified, or Dumbstruck by America Right Now

Ninety Thousand Dead and Counting

Trump’s Misdirecting Away the Greatest Leadership Failure in the World. It’s Working.

The Pandemic Hasn’t Peaked. The Economy’s Reopening. The Result Will Be Catastrophe.

Why America is Heading Towards Unprecedented Catastrophe

Whose Economy Will the Coronavirus Depression Hit Hardest?

Why Some Economies will Face Catastrophe Rivaling the Great Depression — and Other’s Won’t


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