Facebook Design

Stories from designers at Facebook offices around the world.

Facebook Design

Stories from the design team at Facebook offices across the world

Kate Stern

Design Program Manager at Facebook

Latest Posts

A Content Strategist’s Guide to Using Tone in Products

What you say matters, and how you say it can make all the difference

Hear, There, and Everywhere

Facebook Design in conversation with co-authors Fuchsia MacAree and Scott Boms on their book and the importance of listening

Designing for Virtual Reality: 3 Tips for Content Strategists

The day my mother-in-law put on a virtual reality (VR) headset was the day I realized just how immersive this new technology could be…

A Content Strategist’s Journey Into Social VR

My first experience with virtual reality was First Contact: an interactive orientation to Oculus Touch. I put on the headset and my new…

An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

A product design intern’s resource for design students and romantics

Able, Allowed, Should; Navigating Modern Tech Ethics

I want to share a talk I gave on the design track at SXSW in early March of this year. This talk was inspired by a deeply held belief that…

Designing New Ways to Give Context to News Stories

The research and design thinking behind adding new context to articles in News Feed

How VR and Facebook Spaces help us stay connected anytime, anywhere

For me, the theme of connectivity starts with my personal story of connecting to my family and friends. I left my hometown in Russia when I…

Meditation and Design at Facebook

How does a routine meditation practice benefit us as designers? What is it about Facebook that creates an environment that encourages…


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